ciclo circadiano

The Circadian Rhythm and Its Impact on Our Lives ūüĆě

ciclo circadiano

Have you ever wondered how light influences our daily activities and well-being? The Circadian Rhythm is the internal biological clock that regulates our sleep patterns, wakefulness, and even metabolic functions. Exposure to light is one of the primary factors that influence this cycle.

Have you noticed that sunlight changes throughout the day? In the morning, it takes on warmer, yellowish tones. Around noon, the light becomes whiter and more intense, making us more awake and active. In the evening, it returns to softer, golden tones as our day tends to slow down again for relaxation.

You’ve probably heard that it’s not good to watch TV or use your phone after a certain time, for a few hours before bedtime. This is because these devices emit blue light, which is exactly the light that signals to our brain that it should remain active. In other words, it sends a message contrary to the sleep period because your brain interprets this light as if it were midday when you should be awake and alert.

Do you see how important light is and how it influences your daily life? That’s why there’s a recommended color temperature for lighting fixtures for each specific use. After all, artificially produced light has the same effect on your brain as sunlight.

To learn more about current standards and regulations, as well as the most suitable lighting fixtures for your business, consult the LED lighting experts at SX Lighting.


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