LED Lighting? Understand the most frequent doubts about this technology.

Most Common Doubts about LED Lighting

Over the years, gaining experience in the LED lighting market throughout Brazil, the commercial team at SX Lighting has been able to address and dispel some customer doubts, which were actually myths. In this article, you’ll discover 5 lies about industrial lighting. Check it out!

  1. The luminaire shape affects the lighting

Lie. Not only in our luminaire portfolio, but in the market in general, there are round and rectangular luminaire models, and there may even be other shape variations. Therefore, some people believe that if the luminaire is round, the light beam will also be round on the ground. If it’s square, the light beam will be square.

In fact, the luminous focus of any luminaire is achieved through optical lenses, and it is from these lenses that the manufacturer develops a luminaire model with a more open or closed light focus, for example.

What will define the type of lens suitable for each installation location is the lighting design project.

  1. Power (watts) is the most important

Lie. It is common to receive quotation requests where the indicated power is very high for the installation location. Often, this is because the old lighting really needed to consume a lot of energy to illuminate the same thing, or even less. For example, a SX Lighting High Bay luminaire with 150W of power can replace even a conventional 400W lamp with the same effectiveness.

Depending on the LED luminaire manufacturer, it may also need a luminaire with 180W or 200W to illuminate with the same quality as a SX Lighting 150W High Bay. So, when making a quotation, the ideal is to observe the luminous flux of the luminaire, which is how much illumination it actually delivers, and not just the nominal power, which will only make your company spend more energy.

  1. The higher the IP protection, the better

Lie. Imagine having a super sports car worth millions and only using it on a bumpy street at 20 km/h, it doesn’t make sense, right? The same idea can be applied to the IP protection of LED luminaires. Often, the customer believes they need a very high IP protection for luminaires that are not in a corrosive environment and will only be exposed to rain. In this case, IP66 protection perfectly suits and costs less.

  1. Finding cheaper luminaires that already meet the demand

Lie. When negotiations move to the price phase, it is common for the customer to present a quotation they have for imported products, such as those from China, to compare with better quality products.

Often the imported luminaire is sold for having a very appealing value, but the customer ends up getting a “pig in a poke” without realizing that the technical specifications were not ideal, and also that the product’s construction quality was not the same.

The result is that the material of a low-quality luminaire wears out quickly, resulting in premature burning or lights flickering all the time, causing losses with maintenance or even with the premature replacement of the product.

Be aware, because cheaper luminaires do not meet your demand, and the maintenance cost actually makes them more expensive than those you can acquire with good quality.

  1. LED lighting doesn’t heat up

Lie. An LED luminaire does heat up, but it does not radiate this higher temperature to the environment thanks to heat sinks, unlike conventional lamps, which do not have a heat sink and heat up the environment.

LED reflectors and luminaires are nothing more than devices receiving electrical energy to convert it into light, this is a process that will always generate heat. When the LED luminaire is not of the best quality, heat dissipation is poorly done and accelerates the wear process of internal components, anticipating the burning of the product. However, when you have a good quality luminaire like SX Lighting’s, the higher temperature is properly dissipated and makes it seem like the light emission generates no heat.

So, did you already know that the 5 items on the list were lies or did you believe in any of them?

When it comes to industrial lighting, it is essential to rely not only on quality products but also on technical professionals who will offer you a good lighting design project accompanied by the best products. To avoid mistakes, talk to the SX Lighting team.

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