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How to Properly Specify Lighting Fixtures for Industries, Ports, and Airports?

“How to Properly Specify Lighting Fixtures for Industries, Ports, and Airports?”

Description: “Have you ever experienced purchasing a product that didn’t meet your needs, leading to extra costs for rework and corrections? When acquiring lighting fixtures for industries, ports, or airports, it’s essential to ensure synergy among different company departments, such as procurement, maintenance, and engineering, to create an accurate description that aligns with goals and regulations after installation.

A detailed and customized description highlights a fixture’s capability to meet the specific requirements of each environment, ensuring not only efficiency and durability but, most importantly, safety.

To create a practical description, different areas need to be aware of some crucial technical features, such as:

  • Power and Luminous Flux: Start by describing the fixture’s power in watts (W) and luminous flux in lumens (lm). This helps buyers understand the fixture’s lighting capacity. Note that modern and efficient fixtures tend to have lower power and higher luminous flux.
  • Energy Efficiency: The higher the efficiency (lumens generated per watt consumed), the lower the energy consumption and faster return on investment. SX Lighting offers fixtures with up to 202 lm/W.
  • Beam Angle: Specify the fixture’s beam angle. Industries may require diffused light, while ports and airports may need a narrower angle to direct light, depending on the installation height.
  • Color Temperature: Mention the light’s color temperature, indicated in Kelvin (K). In industries, neutral white tones (5,000K) are recommended for better visibility, safety, and productivity.
  • Color Rendering Index (CRI): Indicate the color fidelity level required for objects, considering their appearance under natural light. In settings where color accuracy is critical, such as manufacturing, a high CRI is essential.
  • Dust and Moisture Protection (IP): Specify the fixture’s degree of protection against dust and moisture. For ports, where exposure to rain and salt spray is common, or in industrial settings with suspended solids, a high IP rating is crucial.
  • Lifespan and Maintenance: Provide the fixture’s lifespan in operating hours. A longer lifespan is a characteristic of higher-quality fixtures, reducing costs and the need for frequent maintenance.
  • Lighting Control/Dimming: If the fixture needs to offer control features like dimming or motion sensors, describe them.
  • Certifications and Standards: Ensure compliance with relevant standards and certifications during fixture installation. SX Lighting not only tests and certifies its products but is also one of the few companies in this segment with ISO 9001 certification.

See an example of a basic description: LED fixture with SMD board technology, 150W industrial High Bay, 24,000 lm, luminous efficiency ≥ 178 lm/W, 5,000 K color temperature, made of naval-grade aluminum, anti-corrosion paint, dual-voltage (120277 Vac), IP66 and IK08 protection rating, CRI ≥70, equipped with a 110V dimming system, with fixing handle and adjustable angle.

How can you access/validate all this information?

The best approach is to request a lighting study conducted by qualified engineers for each area to be illuminated, whether it’s a new installation or a retrofit. These professionals will assess the environmental needs, considering variables such as height, positioning, power, and necessary luminous flux for optimal technology utilization.

Remember that a clear and detailed description not only helps buyers make informed choices but also ensures improved productivity, lower energy consumption, increased safety, and reduced corrective maintenance.

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