Complete LED lighting solutions


We are integrators of complete solutions in LED lighting. We operate from the execution of the Lighting Project, to Manufacturing LED Luminaires, Turn Key Projects, Connectivity Solutions (lighting sensors and control systems), in addition to Financing Solutions.

Produtos de iluminação

Lighting Products

SX Lighting specializes in the development of lighting products. Our engineering team has all the know how, from projects to serial manufacturing, also counting since 2017 with the exchange of expertise and experience with our partner Philips.

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Projeto luminotécnico

Lighting Project

Lighting Projects qualify the necessary aspects for an efficient lighting and supports the clients when choosing suitable products to their needs and that comply to regulatory standards.

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SX Lighting luminaires promote direct energy economy of up to 80%. Indoor automation allows an extra 15% of savings with sensors and a high technological control system. Check our solutions

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Projetos Turn Key

Turn Key Projects

Besides elaborating lighting projects and manufacturing luminaires, SX Lighting also manages your projects from unmounting luminaires, appropriate disposal, mounting new luminaires, executive projects, among other services according to clients’ needs.

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SX Lighting has outdoor connectivity solutions in its portfolio. That means accessories that integrate with LED street lighting which allow management of each lighting spot in a city through only one computer, thus granting efficient lighting.

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SX Capital

SX CAPITAL offers the most diverse forms of financing, from the most complete possible to the one that makes the most sense for your business. The energy savings generated by LED lighting in your company not only covers the value of the installments, but also generates a positive return!

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