Is your company ready

To have an efficient lighting with immediate saving?

SX LIGHTING has just created SX CAPITAL, an extremely flexible proposal for you who are already working on an Energy Efficiency Project in your company or have not started yet due to lack of capital.

SX CAPITAL offers the most diverse forms of financing, from the most complete possible, to the one that makes the most sense for your business.

The energy saving generated by LED lighting in your company not only covers the price of the installments, but also generates a positive return!


SX Capital

Investing in an Energy Efficiency Project with immediate Savings;

SX Capital

No upfront investment, keeping your cash flow positive;

Luminária LED

Optimization of the lighting system and ongoing savings;

SX Capital

Directing investments to where there is no credit;

Understand how your company is going to reduce expenses with electricity up to 60% with LED lighting

SX Capital

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