The City of Campos do Jordão, SP

Iluminação LED em Campos do Jordão

Campos do Jordão, the Brazilian Switzerland

Our Success Story today is about a city that is famous for being the “Brazilian Switzerland,” known for its low temperatures and hosting a major winter festival that attracts tourists from all over Brazil and abroad.

It is the municipality of Campos do Jordão, located in the interior of São Paulo.

Situated in the Mantiqueira Mountains, Campos do Jordão is the highest city in Brazil, at an altitude of 1,628 meters, and shares its border with the state of Minas Gerais. It is famous for its beautiful European architecture and chilly temperatures amidst a well-preserved natural environment, which features a different biome compared to neighboring regions.

Ecotourism and local gastronomy attract tourists from all over the country. During the winter season, the city becomes a large exhibition park, hosting a variety of cultural events and offering delicious food.

Campos do Jordão invests heavily in the comfort and safety of its tourists and residents. From now on, those who visit the winter festival in the city will have a better nighttime experience on the streets and avenues of Capivari, a tourist hotspot that houses high-end restaurants and hotels and enlivens the nightlife of the resort town.

Campos do Jordão is now illuminated with Public Luminaires from SX Lighting.

The project was carried out in early 2023 and involved the installation of Public Luminaires Plus and Evolution Luminaires from SX Lighting.

The Plus Luminaires are recommended for various road classifications, thanks to their different voltage options and luminous efficiency of up to 192 lumens per watt. They can be applied to poles ranging from 48 to 63mm, feature electrostatic painting, and are resistant to salt spray and natural weather conditions, as is the case in Campos do Jordão, where humid climate and fog are daily realities.

The Plus luminaire can also be requested with a glass lens, in the Vitrium model, meeting the specific requirements of some bids to be installed in various regions.

Your city may not be a tourist resort like Campos do Jordão, nor be compared to European regions and have freezing temperatures, and even if your city is more accustomed to 40-degree sun than low temperatures, it can have the same lighting as the most famous cities in Brazil.

Efficiency, quality, visual comfort, durability, and safety are the pillars of good public lighting.

You can find all of them in our products, and you also have our engineering and lighting design team to develop your energy-efficient LED lighting project for free – the lighting project is free and not conditional on purchasing SX Lighting products.

Follow the lead of Campos do Jordão’s public administration and choose LED lighting from SX Lighting for your projects. And if you are a resident, demand that the relevant authorities choose quality, tested, and certified public luminaires that make your money worthwhile.

Our commitment is to your safety and quality of life, and that is only possible with good lighting.

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Used in this project

Street Light Plus

Com até 194 lm/W, é recomendada para vias V1, V2 e V3, a Luminária Pública Plus, é aplicável em postes de 48 a 63mm, tem pintura eletrostática, é resistente à névoa salina e pode ser solicitada com lente de vidro. Peculiaridades e variabilidade para ser instalada nas mais diversas regiões. Prefira a Linha Pública SX Lighting em seus projetos. Qualidade, eficiência e garantia que pode ser estendida a até 10 anos.

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Evolution Street Light

With luminous efficiency up to 173 lm/W, rated life higher than 100k hours and 5 years warranty, the EVO luminaire is the future of street lighting, being ready for telemanagement and assembled with the best and most modern available driver technologies. Opt for SX Lightings Street Line in your projects.

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