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Lighting the Path of Mercy!

The Caminho da Misericórdia (Path of Mercy) is a 460-metre path that goes from the cross, the center of Chácara de Santa Cruz, to the Sanctuary of the Merciful Father. The Way of the Cross, in turn, is a route on which pilgrims can meditate on its stations.

We made a lighting project for the place, using our Smart Street Lights with luminous efficiency of 135 lm/W, IP66 certification for any external condition, thus bringing harmonic lighting, more savings and much more safety to the pilgrims.


Used in this project

Private: Robust Super Projector

The most robust and resistant LED reflector of its line. It’s frequently used in recreational and sports complexes, port towers, maneuvering patios and toll plazas - areas subjected to bad weather interference in general. Body in naval aluminum, electrostatic painting and integrated SPD. The SX-SPS stands winds up to 93 mph and is also available with stainless steel hangers. It is salt mist resistant and has 5 years warranty, with a rated life of 102k hours. Its lenses are projected for mounting on places ranging from 26.24 to 164 ft high, allowing good visual and lighting quality, with no glare or dark spots. High power and directional focus. For those who need an efficient reflector, SX-SPS.

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High Bay Floodlight

Suitable for industries, logistic warehouses and distribution canters, LIH allows changing its lenses to efficiently direct and light large isles with pallet racks, shelves or equipments. The closed angulation better directs the luminous focus and avoids light loss at the top of objects that can cause interference and dark spots. Also available with stainless steel hanger, mounting is possible on cable trays, ceilings and external poles, thus being very versatile. Adjustable angle until 180º. Efficiency and innovation to deliver a luminous flux from 100lx to 1500lx, SX LIH.

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