Barreirinha – AM (Brazil)

luminária pública município barreirinha - Programa Ilumina Amazonas

Town of Barreirinha - AM

In 2022, the town of Barreirinha was one of the first in the countryside of the Amazonas state to have 100% of its public lighting in LED. The town, located 330 kilometers from the capital, Manaus, was selected for the Ilumina+ Amazonas program, carried out by the state government.

The replacement of the luminaires was completed in record time in the municipality. “In one week we are completing the installation of more than a thousand luminaires,” said the coordinator of the Special Projects Management Unit (UGPE), responsible for the execution of the work in Barreirinha.

More than 1,000 light points, which previously had old sodium, mercury, and mixed vapor lamps, now have modern and efficient LED luminaires. The LPP – Public Plus Luminaire model from SX Lighting was used in the project. The lighting study meets the public lighting standards established in NBR 5101.

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Photos: Tiago Corrêa/UGPE


Used in this project

Street Light Plus

Com até 194 lm/W, é recomendada para vias V1, V2 e V3, a Luminária Pública Plus, é aplicável em postes de 48 a 63mm, tem pintura eletrostática, é resistente à névoa salina e pode ser solicitada com lente de vidro. Peculiaridades e variabilidade para ser instalada nas mais diversas regiões. Prefira a Linha Pública SX Lighting em seus projetos. Qualidade, eficiência e garantia que pode ser estendida a até 10 anos.

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