Juara – MT

Iluminação Pública Led cidade de Juara

Street Lighting - Juara - Mato Grosso

Get to know the LED street lighting in Juara, a brazilian municipality in the state of Mato Grosso. Located 453 miles from the capital Cuiabá, it is the central town in the Vale do Arinos region and one of the main towns in the nothwest area of the state.

Roads of access to the town are MT 338, which connects Juara to Cuiabá through BR 163, and MT 220, which connects Juara to Sinop. Its territorial extension is 13,315 sq m and the population in 2018 was 34,815 inhabitants according to IBGE.

This LED Street Lighting project developed by us, impacted more than 34,000 people, allowing better safety for those who live in and visit the town.

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Street Light Plus

Suitable for streets and avenues with lower traffic intensity, the Plus Street Light is mounted on posts from 1.88 - 2.48in, has electrostatic painting, is resistant to salt spray and can be ordered with glass lens. It is versatile, so as to be used in the most diverse regions. Opt for SX Lighting’s Street LIghts in your projects. Quality, efficiency and 5 years warranty.

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