Mairiporã – São Paulo

iluminação pública mairiporã

One more town lit by SX Lighting

This time it was Mairiporã, in the countryside of São Paulo.

Thinking about the population, the town hall identified the necessity of more adequate lighting for the town’s park so people could practice sports and walk with their families, among other things. What is desired is developing a public space adequately lit, crecating harmonic convenience and safety.

For that, they trusted their town to us, SX Lighting, where the best technology in lighting is used along with quality of product and certainly complying with street lighting standards and regulations.

It is an honor for us to develop the lighting of one more town!


Used in this project

Evolution Street Light

With luminous efficiency up to 173 lm/W, rated life higher than 100k hours and 5 years warranty, the EVO luminaire is the future of street lighting, being ready for telemanagement and assembled with the best and most modern available driver technologies. Opt for SX Lightings Street Line in your projects.

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Street Light Plus

Com até 194 lm/W, é recomendada para vias V1, V2 e V3, a Luminária Pública Plus, é aplicável em postes de 48 a 63mm, tem pintura eletrostática, é resistente à névoa salina e pode ser solicitada com lente de vidro. Peculiaridades e variabilidade para ser instalada nas mais diversas regiões. Prefira a Linha Pública SX Lighting em seus projetos. Qualidade, eficiência e garantia que pode ser estendida a até 10 anos.

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