Cities in the state of Acre

iluminação LED em cidades do Acre

Energy utility installs SX Lighting's LED in cities in the state of Acre, Brazil

SX Lighting continues to operate strongly in all states of Brazil. Here we bring a double dose of success stories from our brand, both in the state of Acre.

The cities of Acrelândia and Rodrigues Alves have received new LED public luminaires, with models LPP 120 watts and 150 watts respectively, through the Annual Public Call for Energy Efficiency Projects conducted by the utility company Energisa.

“The energy savings for the two municipalities can reach up to R$ 210,000 per year,” emphasizes Energisa on its website.

This is only possible thanks to the efficiency of SX Lighting’s LED luminaires, which provide more uniformity and light intensity, last longer, and consume less energy. Now, the benefited locations have a flow of white light with a temperature of 5,000K, replacing the yellow tone emitted by the old bulbs.

More cities have been included

In 2022, Energisa invested R$ 1.6 million to replace old sodium vapor lamps in several municipalities in Acre, such as Plácido de Castro, Assis Brasil, Porto Acre, Bujari, Tarauacá, Sena Madureira, and Xapuri.

This investment quickly pays off with the reduction in energy consumption provided by LED technology, considering that the mentioned municipalities have an annual savings of R$ 730,000 on their electricity bills.

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It is important to note that public lighting projects follow the standards established in NBR 5101. If you need a lighting project, whether for public, industrial, or corporate lighting, be sure to contact the professionals at SX Lighting and check the regulations for your type of business. Each location follows different standards, and it is essential to be mindful and avoid any risks.

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Used in this project

Street Light Plus Vitrium

Recommended for public roads and condominiums, the Street Light Plus, can be used on poles from 48 to 63mm, has electrostatic painting and is resistant to saline mist.

Prefer the SX Lighting Roadway/Street Line in your projects. Quality, efficiency and warranty of up to 10 years (5 years standard + 5 years optional).

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Street Light Plus

Com até 194 lm/W, é recomendada para vias V1, V2 e V3, a Luminária Pública Plus, é aplicável em postes de 48 a 63mm, tem pintura eletrostática, é resistente à névoa salina e pode ser solicitada com lente de vidro. Peculiaridades e variabilidade para ser instalada nas mais diversas regiões. Prefira a Linha Pública SX Lighting em seus projetos. Qualidade, eficiência e garantia que pode ser estendida a até 10 anos.

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