Pecém Complex – State of Ceará

Porto do Pecém iluminado por LED durante a noite

Port Lighting - Pecém Port

The mission to deliver cleaner and more efficient lighting does not stop.

This time, we landed in the state of Ceará, where one of the main logistics ventures in the state, the Pecém Port Terminal, replaced the old incandescent bulbs that equipped the site with modern LED luminaires from SX Lighting.

To make the project possible, six new towers and 365 luminaires were installed in the storage yards and piers. After the exchange, the engineering team at the Pecém Complex said that “the new lighting system ensures greater energy savings and efficiency,” and also that this work “contributes to the preservation of the environment and guarantees more quality and safety for the operations carried out at the Pecém port terminal.”

It is worth noting that a lighting project of this magnitude involves several factors. The technical standard that establishes the minimum requirements for lighting in port areas is NR29, which dictates measures for the prevention of safety and health risks in port work and guidelines for the implementation of occupational risk management in work environments.

If you want to make the lighting in your company cleaner and more efficient, and avoid risks by not complying with the standards, please contact the specialists at SX Lighting to describe your demand. We will be happy to help.


Used in this project

Modular High Bay

Suitable for larger areas and mounting height above 49.2ft , HBM has directional lenses appropriate for keeping luminous focus, avoiding glare, dark spots and light pollution. It is the ideal solution for those who seek energetic efficiency and a reflector that won’t harm the ecosystem it’s placed at. Disordered light dissipation (light pollution) brings along electricity waste and makes lighting inefficient in the area. Avoid misleading purchases that generate reworking or new buying orders, opt for our HBM - Modular High Bay.

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