Soccer Stadium – Balsas (MA)

Estádio do Maranhão recebe iluminação em LED


The Municipal Cazuza Ribeiro Stadium, located in the city of Balsas, Maranhão, has installed SX Lighting’s LED floodlights, providing an important advancement for the stadium, ensuring bright, uniform, and low-energy lighting.

During the inauguration event of the new lighting, the mayor of the municipality expressed his satisfaction with the result. “The floodlights are of high quality, it even makes you want to play soccer at night,” he declared. This approval from the mayor reflects the importance of this achievement for the city of Balsas, which can now enjoy exciting and safe games even at night.

SX Lighting’s mission is to provide efficient and high-performance lighting, contributing to the improvement of sports activities and promoting local development. The partnership with the Cazuza Ribeiro Stadium reaffirms the company’s commitment to providing lighting solutions that meet the highest standards of quality and reliability.

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Used in this project

Modular High Bay

Suitable for larger areas and mounting height above 49.2ft , HBM has directional lenses appropriate for keeping luminous focus, avoiding glare, dark spots and light pollution. It is the ideal solution for those who seek energetic efficiency and a reflector that won’t harm the ecosystem it’s placed at. Disordered light dissipation (light pollution) brings along electricity waste and makes lighting inefficient in the area. Avoid misleading purchases that generate reworking or new buying orders, opt for our HBM - Modular High Bay.

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