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Case de sucesso iluminação led- Piccin agrícola

Discover the result of Piccin Agrícola's tradition with SX Lighting LED technology: For 60 years,

Innovating to transform agriculture with efficiency and technology, today’s success story is Piccin Agrícola. This traditional company in the agricultural sector faced a significant challenge in its quest for efficiency and modernization of its industrial warehouses. Along with SX Lighting, it sought expertise in efforts to improve lighting quality in its facilities while simultaneously reducing operational costs to meet the efficiency lighting challenge.

The production area facilities feature a large space where precision and efficiency are crucial. The need for adequate lighting was evident, especially in work areas that require focus. For this reason, SX Lighting provides free lighting design projects for all the companies it illuminates, and Piccin was no different.

In this project, our professionals’ experience brought a customized, high-quality LED lighting solution, using 50W and 150W High Bay luminaires designed to provide efficient, low-energy lighting that meets the company’s standards and needs. Immediately after the installation of the new luminaires, the quality of lighting in the work areas was noticeable, now enjoying uniformity and the right illuminance, resulting in increased productivity by workers.

Once again, SX Lighting demonstrates the ability to provide customized lighting solutions for the diverse needs of various companies. Whether you are responsible for the purchasing department, maintenance, or specifying the lighting renovation in your company, you cannot afford not to speak with SX Lighting professionals.

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Used in this project

High Bay Industrial Luminaire

Recommended for industries, logistics warehouses, and distribution centers, with the High Bay SX-LIH, we can change the lenses to better direct and illuminate, efficiently, large aisles with pallet racks, shelves, or equipment. The narrower angle directs the light focus better and prevents light loss at the top of objects that can cause interference and dark spots.

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