Campo de Marte Airport

Iluminação Led Aeroporto Campo de Marte

Iluminação no aeroporto Campo de Marte

SX Lighting has lit the first airport terminal in São Paulo with our 210W Smart Floodlights. The airport does not operate commercial flights nowadays. Instead, it operates with helicopters and small planes.

It operates with the night beaconing system, which allows executive aviation operations until 10pm. It’s the fifth biggest operational movement in the country — after Congonhas, Guarulhos, Brasília and Galeão.


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Private: Robust Super Projector

The most robust and resistant LED reflector of its line. It’s frequently used in recreational and sports complexes, port towers, maneuvering patios and toll plazas - areas subjected to bad weather interference in general. Body in naval aluminum, electrostatic painting and integrated SPD. The SX-SPS stands winds up to 93 mph and is also available with stainless steel hangers. It is salt mist resistant and has 5 years warranty, with a rated life of 102k hours. Its lenses are projected for mounting on places ranging from 26.24 to 164 ft high, allowing good visual and lighting quality, with no glare or dark spots. High power and directional focus. For those who need an efficient reflector, SX-SPS.

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