Sports Center

Iluminação LED de Alto Desempenho na Arena Coliseu Sports

Iluminação dos campos de futebol na Arena Coliseu

Arena Coliseu Sports is a sports center located in Curitiba/PR which has 3,608 square feet of comfortable structure. It has indoor synthetic grass court, sports court for indoor soccer, Volleyball and Basketball and sand court for foot volleyball, beach tennis and beach volleyball.

SX Lighting® High Bay Floodlight
We used the SX-LIH High Bay Floodlight due to its high versatility and high efficiency. Its fastener is proper for changing angles according to necessity. More than 25 light points were used in the field, with special care not to cause glare on the players.

Arena Cliseu cares about its athletes and knows that a court which does not bring comfort to its players, say professional or amateurs, harms the game flow, player performance and enjoyment of the sport itself. With that in mind, we were contacted to solve the evident darkness upon the court in moments when external lighting lacked.

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Used in this project

High Bay Floodlight

Suitable for industries, logistic warehouses and distribution canters, LIH allows changing its lenses to efficiently direct and light large isles with pallet racks, shelves or equipments. The closed angulation better directs the luminous focus and avoids light loss at the top of objects that can cause interference and dark spots. Also available with stainless steel hanger, mounting is possible on cable trays, ceilings and external poles, thus being very versatile. Adjustable angle until 180º. Efficiency and innovation to deliver a luminous flux from 100lx to 1500lx, SX LIH.

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