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Iluminação LED Quadras de Tênis

Lighting for Tennis Court

In the heart of Rio de Janeiro, on the shores of Rodrigo de Freitas Lagoon, on Piraquê Island, lies a public utility association of the Brazilian Navy. Founded in 1940, we are talking about Clube Naval.

The passion for tennis is a part of the club’s history. The commitment to provide the best experience to users and athletes that befits its history has resulted in a customized project that further enhances the tennis court facilities, ensuring that players and spectators enjoy thrilling games at any time.

Concentration and silence are crucial, but precision, visibility, and visual comfort are essential to boost the quality of the games, both for the players’ performance and the comfort of the spectators. When it comes to delivering the best lighting, the choice and accurate sizing of LED projectors in a lighting design make all the difference.

In the case of Clube Naval in the Marvelous City, the use of LED projectors from SX Lighting was the ideal solution to meet the specific needs of high-performance tennis courts.

SX Lighting’s LED projectors and luminaires are designed for perfect lighting in large and demanding areas, such as sports facilities and clubs. Designed with the ability to efficiently and uniformly direct lighting, they ensure that every point on the court will be evenly illuminated with great precision.

Here are some key points to consider in tennis court lighting:

🔸 Lighting Uniformity: Lighting is uniform across the entire court, providing exceptional visibility in all plays, both for the players and the audience. The result is the best sports experience, with no dark areas and shadow points that can hinder the match.

🔸 Energy Efficiency: SX Lighting’s LED projectors offer the highest efficiencies on the market, as we know that cost management and sustainability are essential, promoting not only quality lighting but also reducing energy costs and minimizing the need for replacing burnt-out bulbs.

🔸 Visual Comfort: For a pleasant and safe match, there should be no vision glare, which can be an unwanted distraction during a tennis match.

All this technology is delivered through the quality and warranty that a national manufacturer offers. LED projectors may look the same, but the quality of SX Lighting will ensure all the excitement and ideal lighting until the 5th-set tie-break, as if you were at Philippe-Chatrier.

Want the best sports lighting, such as the lighting of Clube Naval’s tennis courts in Rio de Janeiro? Contact our LED lighting experts and turn your match into a grand slam.

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Used in this project

Modular High Bay

Suitable for larger areas and mounting height above 49.2ft , HBM has directional lenses appropriate for keeping luminous focus, avoiding glare, dark spots and light pollution. It is the ideal solution for those who seek energetic efficiency and a reflector that won’t harm the ecosystem it’s placed at. Disordered light dissipation (light pollution) brings along electricity waste and makes lighting inefficient in the area. Avoid misleading purchases that generate reworking or new buying orders, opt for our HBM - Modular High Bay.

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High Bay Industrial Luminaire

Recommended for industries, logistics warehouses, and distribution centers, with the High Bay SX-LIH, we can change the lenses to better direct and illuminate, efficiently, large aisles with pallet racks, shelves, or equipment. The narrower angle directs the light focus better and prevents light loss at the top of objects that can cause interference and dark spots.

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