LED Lighting at SENAI Sorocaba.

Iluminação LED no SENAI Sorocaba

SENAI and SX Lighting: a tradition and inovation story

A building full of history, with over 60 years of existence, guiding young people into the industry to this day, consolidating the permanence and strength of the industry in our country.

Built from the architectural project designed by Hélio Duarte, Roberto José Goulart Tibau, and Marlene Picarelli, the SENAI School of Sorocaba-SP began its operations in 1959, a time when the city had around 25,000 industrial workers. However, it was only in 1974 that it received its patron and its new name: SENAI School “Gaspar Ricardo Júnior”.

The city of Sorocaba is a reference when it comes to innovative actions and future vision. With a strong industrial sector, Sorocaba stands out as an exporter in the state of São Paulo. Among the most exported products from the Sorocaba region are motor vehicles, tractors (45.8%); machinery, mechanical appliances, and instruments (20.8%); and electrical machinery, appliances, and materials (4.9%) – data released this year, 2023.

And if there is a strong industrial hub in the Sorocaba Region, you can be sure that SENAI has influence on that. With the mission to “promote professional and technological education, innovation, and the transfer of industrial technologies, contributing to raising the competitiveness of the Brazilian industry,” who else but SENAI can tell us about the best initiatives for the industrial sector?

SENAI not only chose SX Lighting’s LED luminaires to illuminate the school facilities but also conducted a workshop on Energy Efficiency with our executive, Carolina Lopes. We had the opportunity to present and explain in more detail the benefits, advantages, and features of SX Lighting’s SMD LED technology.

Educational complexes require various applications. Regardless of the application, we develop unique projects that are tailored to the reality of each illuminated area. An environment that requires attentional focus differs from a thoroughfare, which means we can’t make a single approach. Each area that needs to be illuminated requires a lighting design project to achieve the best result.

At SENAI, Evolution luminaires were installed. In the aerial photos, the difference between our LED luminaires and the older technology still installed on the streets around SENAI, on public lampposts, is noticeable. Inside the building, the visual quality and the provided safety with the lighting system upgrade are clear – what doesn’t show in the photo is the energy savings that LED implementation provides.

It’s a significant difference!

That’s why we recommend that you follow the example of SENAI Sorocaba and seek out those who understand LED lighting the most to assist you in acquiring and implementing LED technology. Only then can you be certain that your project is being properly dimensioned and will result in savings, both in acquisition expenses and in maintaining the illuminated environment.

Do you want to know how SX Lighting can help you with your LED implementation projects or lighting system retrofit?

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Do as those who understand industrialization and education the most in Brazil do, do as SENAI does, and rely on SX Lighting. Let our light reflect the best in you.


Used in this project

Evolution Street Light

With luminous efficiency up to 173 lm/W, rated life higher than 100k hours and 5 years warranty, the EVO luminaire is the future of street lighting, being ready for telemanagement and assembled with the best and most modern available driver technologies. Opt for SX Lightings Street Line in your projects.

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