São Paulo Subway | Morumbi Station

Iluminação Metrô de São Paulo

SX Lighting lights Morumbi Station of São Paulo's Subway

Another SX Lighting Success Case: this time we stopped at the Morumbi Metro station, in São Paulo.

The Morumbi Terminal, line 4-yellow of the São Paulo Metro, receives more than 20,000 passengers daily, who travel to work or study.

The station is also an important access point for events at the Morumbi Stadium, which is one of the biggest in the country. With the proximity of the stadium, the station becomes an ideal option for those who want to go to games or concerts, thus avoiding traffic and the difficulty of parking.

Good lighting at the Metro station is important for several reasons. Among them, we can mention:

Security: A subway station is an environment of great movement of people. Adequate lighting is key to avoiding dark and gloomy areas, which can discourage the presence of malicious individuals.

Orientation: Good lighting helps people to easily locate the station when they don’t know the city very well, and to better orient themselves within it, allowing them to clearly see direction signs, stairs and other information.

For the execution of this project, we used our High Bay reflectors in the internal area, with an effective luminous efficacy of 140 lumens per watt, and also our Fortika public luminaire in the external area, all with INMETRO certification.

Now if you pass through São Paulo and use the Morumbi Metro station, notice the excellent level of lighting right there at the entrance and remember us.

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Used in this project

High Bay Industrial Luminaire

Recommended for industries, logistics warehouses, and distribution centers, with the High Bay SX-LIH, we can change the lenses to better direct and illuminate, efficiently, large aisles with pallet racks, shelves, or equipment. The narrower angle directs the light focus better and prevents light loss at the top of objects that can cause interference and dark spots.

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