Agricultural machinery and customized trucks industry

Iluminação LED na Indústria de caminhões e máquinas agrícolas AIZ

One of the largest ready-to-deliver showrooms for customized trucks and heavy machinery in Brazil is illuminated by SX Lighting

The grandeur of over 1 million square meters of space, housing one of the largest showrooms for trucks, heavy machinery, and agricultural implements in Brazil, is another success story in LED lighting delivered by SX Lighting.

Known for being one of the largest companies specializing in customizing and selling heavy equipment in Brazil, they provide customized trucks, agricultural tractors, heavy machinery, and manufacture road implements. They are a significant partner that strengthens primarily the agro-industrial, mining, and infrastructure sectors.

The grandeur of this project is not limited to the area of the warehouses illuminated with SX products but also extends to the company’s infrastructure. To illuminate this entire area, with high ceilings and specific requirements at various points, SX Lighting developed a custom industrial LED lighting project to meet the company’s needs.

The LED technology of the 150W High Bay luminaire used in this project brought numerous advantages, such as significant energy savings and more uniform lighting provided by individual lenses for each LED.

With innovative and high-level solutions, SX Lighting took on the challenge of illuminating a grand space with maximum efficiency. The result was a project that ensured lighting standards and further enhanced the showroom, highlighting the beauty and functionality of the equipment displayed there.

The success of this industrial LED lighting case is a reflection of the company’s innovative vision, which invests in sustainable and efficient solutions in its facilities. By using quality lighting, the company demonstrates its commitment to sustainability and offers a unique experience to customers and employees.

SX Lighting is a reference in industrial LED lighting, providing customized solutions for companies of various sizes and sectors, as well as offering free lighting studies to more accurately size the necessary lighting.

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Used in this project

High Bay Floodlight

Suitable for industries, logistic warehouses and distribution canters, LIH allows changing its lenses to efficiently direct and light large isles with pallet racks, shelves or equipments. The closed angulation better directs the luminous focus and avoids light loss at the top of objects that can cause interference and dark spots. Also available with stainless steel hanger, mounting is possible on cable trays, ceilings and external poles, thus being very versatile. Adjustable angle until 180º. Efficiency and innovation to deliver a luminous flux from 100lx to 1500lx, SX LIH.

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