Gas Station

Iluminação para postos de combustíveis

Gas Station Lighting

SX Lighting’s mission is to be a reference when it comes to LED lighting solutions. Our focus has always been to provide products that not only save energy but also enhance the safety of spaces. In this success case, we present a remarkable transformation in a gas station that chose our Recessed Luminaire to illuminate the environment.

Our team of lighting experts conducted a thorough assessment of the gas station’s needs and performed a lighting study to propose a tailor-made solution. We opted to install our SX-PCE luminaires, known for their exceptional energy efficiency and durability.

Among the results achieved, we can mention:

• Increased Safety: With the new LED lighting, the gas station now enjoys bright and uniform illumination in all areas. This significantly improved the safety of customers and employees during the night, creating a more welcoming and secure environment.

• Enhanced Aesthetics: In addition to safety benefits, the aesthetics of the gas station were transformed. The modern and stylish LED luminaires created an inviting atmosphere, attracting more customers and improving the establishment’s image.

• Energy Savings: LED luminaires also bring substantial energy savings to the gas station.

If you have a lighting demand at your gas station, contact SX Lighting experts and request a lighting study.


Used in this project

Recessed Luminaire

Projected for areas with elevated ceiling height, SX Lighting’s recessed light has IP66 Protection Degree, which shows the luminaire is completely protected, dust and water proof, besides its 5-year warranty. Its exclusive design does not harm the ceiling’s structure, with aluminum body and optical lens in polycarbonate, it is a combination of energetic efficiency, resistance and light weight.

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