5 pontos sobre a luminária industrial que você deve saber

5 points about LED industrial luminaire you should know about

5 pontos sobre a luminária industrial que você deve saber

Industrial LED luminaire: 5 important points you need to know

Understanding the importance of the industrial LED luminaire for managing industries or similar businesses – such as logistics warehouses, parking lots, etc. – it is essential to use a specific technology to meet the needs of your business, such as industrial lighting. This technology brings dimensioning, power, and other qualities developed for this segment.

In this article, we list the characteristics of an industrial luminaire, provide some examples of types, and then explain the 5 most important points you need to know about the subject. With this reading, you will be able to make the appropriate choice of the industrial luminaire for your business. Follow along!

Typical characteristics and types of industrial LED luminaires

Not just any luminaire can be installed in an industry. The wrong choice will not provide adequate lighting and will put the safety of employees or assets at risk. The aspects that should be considered in the selection are:

  • illuminance: it is important that the light reaches all work points in the establishment, avoiding accidents due to lack of personnel vision;
  • protection: luminaires receive protection grades according to resistance, which is indicated by the IP (Ingress Protection Rate). Generally, industrial ones have IP65 and IP67 ratings;
  • maintenance: it is relevant to choose equipment that requires less maintenance, as they tend to be more expensive;
  • consumption: it is recommended to use economical technologies such as LED, which can reduce costs by up to 85%;
  • temperature: it is important that the luminaire generates the minimum amount of heat to avoid damaging the industry’s products or employees’ activities.

Below are listed some examples of the main industrial luminaires:

LED High Bay luminaire

It is an industrial luminaire model, ideal for installation at higher points, such as 8 or 12 meters from the ground. This will allow for wide lighting of the entire facility, being ideal for production centers, logistics, distribution, storage, etc.

As it is LED, there is no heat emission, which increases the quality of life of employees and, consequently, the safety of the site. There are still several advantages offered by the High Bay LED, such as durability, savings, among others.

LED Vapor tight luminaire

With IP65 protection, this industrial luminaire is impact-resistant, has greater dimming flexibility, luminous efficacy, and high thermal dissipation technology. It was developed for locations that need components to be protected against external agents.

LED Linear luminaire

This type of industrial luminaire has quality luminous flux for indoor areas of warehouses, industries in different sectors, distribution centers, etc. It consumes little energy and is easy to install, providing good cost-benefit. There are still other industrial luminaires, warehouses, parking lots, warehouses, and other large places that are developed by SX Lighting.

The 5 most important points about industrial luminaires

The topics below provide information that you need to know before acquiring an industrial luminaire, whether to acquire the best product for your business, know how to install it correctly, and take advantage of its benefits.

1. Applications

Firstly, it’s important to know the correct application for each industrial luminaire, as this prevents you from acquiring products that are incorrectly sized or that don’t have enough power to illuminate your establishment.

Developing a lighting project is the most effective strategy to avoid losses. This is an industrial lighting plan that determines the necessary level of brightness, the best placement of each luminaire to ensure the illumination of the environment with lower costs, compliance with regulations (ABNT 8995-1, NBR 5101, NBR 5181, etc.), among other aspects.

A company that offers industrial luminaires can also develop the lighting project according to the qualities of your establishment, a service provided by SX Lighting.

2. Technology

Pay attention to the lighting technology used in industrial luminaires. Those that are considered outdated can generate many costs and problems for your business, such as incandescent, halogen, and fluorescent lamps.

The most advantageous type of industrial luminaire is LED (light-emitting diodes), as it consumes less electrical energy, reduces heat emission, generates fewer expenses with ventilation and air conditioning systems.

It is also necessary to consider other technologies that can be applied to the luminaire, such as indoor automation. In practice, sensors and a control system are used that automate the activation of lights, which saves more than 80% of energy.

3. Quality

The quality of the materials used in the manufacture of LED industrial luminaires is another essential factor that should be analyzed. Look for a company that offers equipment with quality superior to the market average, but that also brings good cost-benefit. This tip minimizes occurrences of problems, defects, and the need to replace luminaires.

The organization that can offer this differential is SX. Due to being a partner of Phillips, they offer high-quality products at a competitive price.

4. Installation

Even if the lighting project brings the ideal layout for the installation of this type of luminaire, there are other points regarding installation that require special attention.

One of them is the electrical system. It is necessary to check if it is capable of supporting the luminaires that will be installed, otherwise, the industry will suffer from energy overload, equipment burnout, wire wear, among other problems.

In this case, LED industrial luminaires are also advantageous, as they require less energy to produce light compared to traditional lighting types. It will be possible to ensure the brightness of the entire location with a more economical infrastructure.

5. Lifespan

The lifespan of an LED industrial luminaire refers to the time they last without the need for replacement, which is quite important for an industry, as the luminaires remain on for several hours – 24 hours in some cases – and replacement can be more costly (as they are located in high places).

This factor varies according to the lighting technology used. See an average lifespan of each type:

  • incandescent:
  • 1,000 hours;
  • fluorescent:
  • 8,000 hours;
  • LED:
  • between 20,000 and 50,000 hours.

LED industrial luminaires can last this entire period due to their higher energy efficiency, not using heavy metals or toxic gases in their composition, and not emitting heat, which preserves the material used.

By considering these 5 points, you will be able to find the best industrial luminaire for your business. However, it is necessary to look for a company specialized in LED lighting solutions, such as SX Lighting, which guarantees quality luminaires, develops the lighting project, offers technological automation solutions, and more!

Discover the product lines offered by SX Lighting now and find the best industrial luminaire for your establishment!

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