Descubra como reduzir os custos de energia na sua empresa

Learn how to reduce energy costs in your company!

Descubra como reduzir os custos de energia na sua empresa

Reduce energy costs in your company! Learn where to start!

Reducing energy costs in the company can increase profitability and allow for more attractive pricing for customers. By adopting methods to reduce expenses, such as investing in industrial LED lighting, a significant difference can be seen when paying bills at the end of the month.

Therefore, it is worth making an effort to save. In this post, we will present practical and efficient tips on how to reduce energy costs in the company and explain the importance of managing expenses with this service.

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Understand the importance of managing electricity costs

Managing electricity costs is very important to increase business efficiency and ensure the success of investments. Lighting, for example, needs to be adequate to avoid affecting the health of employees, prevent production failures, and prevent fatal accidents from occurring.

If something is wrong, regulatory agencies can impose fines, as well as prevent the continuation of work. Therefore, each luminaire must comply with the lighting design, including because production sectors are optimized when everything is in accordance with the standards.

Get practical tips for reducing electricity costs

If there is no lighting project, it is important to think about it. The manager can develop a plan aimed at savings, and the result will be noticed in the electricity bills. On the other hand, the company must comply with legal requirements to avoid penalties. Therefore, see below for some tips for reducing electricity expenses.

Do an electrical review of the company’s structures

At the time a construction is started, the electrical structure and all installation depend on specialized technical knowledge. But if the establishment is rented or purchased ready, a review may be the best way out. In old buildings, outdated equipment usually exists and the balance of energy load is usually outside the required standards.

Therefore, hire a specialized professional who knows how to verify the loads and the correct distribution of the machines in the production sector. It is necessary to review the entire electrical network and analyze electronic devices that are already a few years old. After all, inadequate installations with old conductors considerably increase energy consumption.

Use quality equipment and machines

Modern machines and equipment consume less energy. Therefore, it is worth investing in current devices, as they will directly impact energy expenses. Thus, within some time, the savings generated by them will compensate for the expenses arising from their acquisition and increase profits.

In a competitive scenario in which companies are subjected to meeting various demands, having to offer low prices, the elimination of expenses ends up being a differential. Therefore, adopt automatic control systems to turn machines on and off, ensuring the supply of only the energy that is indispensable for performing tasks.

Do periodic maintenance

Control and monitoring actions are part of preventive maintenance, which should be carried out from time to time. With this, the occurrence of failures is prevented or reduced, and the performance of the equipment remains perfect.

Preventive maintenance costs much less than corrective maintenance, which is performed only when a defect arises. When machines operate properly, costs are reduced, efficiency is increased, and operational productivity increases. But when there are adjustments, energy consumption is much higher.

Optimize the use of air conditioning

Air conditioning is one of the culprits that causes an increase in electricity bills. Older appliances, for example, cause higher expenses as they are not manufactured with updated technologies. Therefore, replace them if necessary.

When making a purchase, pay attention to the appliance’s rating, giving preference to those that fit into the “A” category and display the Inmetro seal, as these are the most economical. They may be more expensive, but the investment returns within some time. Additionally, take care of filter preservation and maintenance to avoid overheating.

Use LED solutions

The use of LED lamps is important in industries and factories, as they offer savings, durability, and sustainability. There are several reasons to use them for lighting company environments. After all, inefficient lighting becomes expensive due to the energy consumed and replacement of conventional lamps.

Due to their greater illuminating capacity, accidents are reduced, both during maintenance and operations. Thus, safety increases with improved perceptibility, not to mention that the white LED light eliminates fatigue and makes employees more comfortable. Check out the benefits of lighting with LED lamps:

  • In the event of power outages, lighting returns in seconds;
  • They last longer, eliminating expenses for replacements and labor;
  • They are designed to operate with low energy consumption;
  • They can be easily combined with other lighting systems;
  • They complement natural lighting, combining the useful with the pleasant;
  • They guarantee sustainability by automatically adapting to natural lighting.

LED lamps have extended life and surprising cost-benefit. When replacing fluorescent, sodium, or mercury lamps, the difference is noticed when paying the energy bill. The change occurs because LED lighting uses semiconductors to emit light, reducing consumption.

They adapt to the lighting needs of spaces. For example, they provide brightness in poorly lit areas and prevent excess light in overly bright environments. In this way, employees, clients, and partners feel they are in a welcoming establishment. That is, LED lamps generate an excellent ROI.

Now you know how to reduce energy costs in your company. SX Lighting is a company that offers the best LED lighting solutions, with an industrial, public, and complementary line of lamps with state-of-the-art technology. We also provide lighting design projects that drastically reduce electricity consumption.

Now that you are convinced that SX Lighting will provide you with the best lighting and energy savings, click here and request assistance from our specialists.

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