importância da iluminação industrial

Get to know the importance of industrial lighting

importância da iluminação industrial

Lighting, know its importance in the industry

Understanding the importance of industrial lighting is more relevant than many companies think, as it is a point capable of helping, even, in the reduction of organization costs. The operation of these assets is similar to the previous ones. That is, financial institutions raise resources with investors to offer credit and other financial products to the agribusiness and real estate sector. When its value increases, it is necessary to improve energy efficiency to solve such an issue.

If improving industrial lighting efficiency and quality is a topic of interest to you, continue reading this post to see more details on the subject. Don’t miss it!

What is the importance of industrial lighting?

Industrial lighting, especially LED lighting, can guarantee much safer and uninterrupted production. Maintenance is no longer necessary, a factor that generates high energy efficiency and still presents low electrical energy consumption costs. There are LED industrial lighting materials manufacturers who ensure that their products have a longer lifespan than others. This also contributes to reducing industry operation costs and, consequently, its final product.

Moreover, the LED itself is a revolutionary technology in the electrical engineering field, as it is much more modern, sophisticated, and economical, besides presenting low consumption – generally, 3 Watts -, easy installation, and high durability.

Thus, the implementation of LED lighting is a great opportunity to adapt the project to raise lighting levels to meet safety standards requirements, helping, with this, in the protection of employees in the production area, in addition to the vision of security cameras or night watchmen, for example.

What are the main benefits of making this investment?

Now that you know the importance of industrial lighting let’s present some of the reasons why it is interesting for a company to invest in this area. Check it out!

Reduces workplace accidents

When a company invests and knows the importance of industrial lighting, it creates a safer workplace, precisely due to the lighting factor, which becomes consistent with the environment and also capable of providing more well-being and comfort in the work routine and everyday life, being able, even, to make the place less stressful for employees.

As a consequence, there is a tendency for a reduction in the number of accidents in workplaces, as industrial lighting contributes significantly to making visual tasks during the entire production process more straightforward. Another relevant factor is that LED also has thermal influence and contributes to reducing the overheating of luminaires, thus reducing the risk of fires.

Helps with employee focusing

LED industrial lighting also provides more comfort to the workplace, helping to reduce cooling costs. This white lighting helps reduce fatigue and makes professionals more focused and alert to work. This is because, in general, the speed and reaction of individuals tend to be faster and more agile in environments that present this brightness.

Reduces equipment maintenance costs

By using LED luminaires in industry, in addition to reducing expenses on the electricity bill, there is also a reduction in equipment maintenance costs since they hardly break down and, therefore, do not require frequent repairs.

Furthermore, by carrying out an industrial lighting project that uses LED, its luminaires have a much longer lifespan than other conventional items. Consequently, the company can use industrial lighting equipment for a long time, with the benefit of having little depreciation.

Provides sustainable and safe disposal

Unlike traditional alternatives available in the market, LED luminaires for industry do not contain any material that is harmful to the environment or human health in their composition. Thus, in addition to being much more durable, they also offer sustainable disposal, especially because almost all of their components can be recycled.

What are the types of industrial luminaires?

There are different types of industrial luminaires, even because, according to NBR ISO 8995-1, from the Brazilian Association of Technical Standards (ABNT), each location must have a determined amount of lux. That is, each space has an ideal illuminance, according to its specific characteristics.

This is the case, for example, of a non-continuous environment that, due to its characteristics, should have approximately 100 lux. In continuous use locations, the ideal is that the lighting be above 200 lux.

Another relevant point to determine the importance of industrial lighting and which one should be used is to know the work done in the environment. In general, rough work demands 200 to 300 lux, and medium work requires 500 lux. In cases where professionals need to inspect what is produced or check materials in the environment, the ideal is that the level is above 1000 lux.

However, in all cases, the efficiency of LED industrial lighting is superior to others, and in certain environments where a 400W metal halide lamp was required, for example, it is possible to replace it with a 150W LED luminaire, generating much more savings. Thus, especially in industrial spaces, when compared to traditional lamps, LED luminaires can present performance up to 4 times more efficient.

As we have seen, the importance of industrial lighting is to invest in it, making the space much smarter and more technological, through quality lighting equipment, such as LED luminaires suitable for each location. This way, it is possible to improve energy efficiency and reduce electricity costs.

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