SX Lighting é sua melhor opção de iluminação

SX Lighting: why is it the best option for lighting your company?

SX Lighting é sua melhor opção de iluminação

SX Lighting: why it’s the right choice for your company’s lighting

SX Lighting is a company that offers LED (Light Emitting Diode) lighting solutions. It executes lighting projects, energy efficiency calculations, and offers various high-quality product lines for industries of all sectors, sports courts, gyms, airports, parking lots, churches, warehouses, gas stations, public roads, and more.

In this post, we will talk about the history and differentials of SX Lighting’s lighting solutions. Additionally, we will explain which sectors the company operates in, providing details on the main services and products offered to customers. Here, you will find details on lighting projects, turnkey, and much more!

Do you want to know more about SX Lighting and its products? Keep reading!

SX Lighting’s History

SX Lighting was founded in 2005 by the SX Group with the aim of creating and implementing ecological and efficient lighting solutions using light-emitting diodes. The SX Group has many years of experience in the industrial automation sector and sees LED devices as innovation, technology, energy, and sustainability.

In 2015, the company began to search for a consolidated and long-lasting partner to present national excellence. Thus, it integrated the technology, tradition, and quality of Philips and Lumileds, leading LED lighting companies in the market. See below how the lighting unit, SX Lighting, evolved!

Since its foundation and the opening of the commercial office in São Paulo, Lapa, SX Lighting has achieved several milestones, such as:

  • Launch of the Smart Industrial and Public Lighting Line that started a revolution in Brazilian industries;
  • Commercial partnership with Philips and Lumileds, bringing technology with SX Lighting’s speed and quality;
  • Creation of a laboratory to certify and test its products;
  • Launch of the Public Lighting Line with the highest efficacy in Brazil, the Public Lighting Plus luminaire delivers up to 178 real lm/W!;
  • Expansion of its factory unit, where it manages everything from the purchase of raw materials, manufacturing from electronic boards to aluminum injection, and finally assembly of luminaires with the highest quality index in the market;
  • Inauguration of the factory park in Manaus/AM with more than 10 thousand square meters;

Its founders have a very inspiring industrial trajectory, passing through the leadership of companies such as the Iochpe-Amsted Maxion Group, a reference in automotive parts, the Tenaris Group, by Confab Industrial SA, recognized as one of the best in the oil and gas sector, as well as Embraer S.A, a renowned company in the world aviation industry.

SX Lighting’s Segments

According to João Pedro, from the marketing department of SX Lighting, the company is committed to a nature-inspired solution and works with enthusiasm and dedication to maintain its credibility in the market.

The team of engineers develops products in conjunction with Lumileds and Philips for the industrial, public, office, laboratories, and similar lighting segments, with specific lines to illuminate:

  • Industrial warehouses;
  • Patios and outdoor lighting;
  • Logistics warehouses;
  • Industries in general;
  • Distribution centers;
  • Streets, avenues, parks, and squares;
  • Retail stores;
  • Among others.

LED products offer an exclusive design, a lifespan that is nearly double the market average for a real energy-efficient solution, and the best performance in the market. They are widely used in supermarkets, garages, sports courts, soccer fields, stadiums, gas stations, residential condominiums, among others.

SX Lighting’s Services and Solutions

SX Lighting’s solutions are comprehensive and involve several LED lighting products, as the company specializes in developing innovative alternatives with cutting-edge technology. Specialized employees have in-depth knowledge and exchange information with their experienced partners recognized worldwide.

Lighting Projects

They are specially designed for each environment and executed to offer energy efficiency, cost savings, and durability. The client chooses the appropriate products for their application needs and in a way that complies with current standards, especially ABNT NBR 8995-1: 2013, NBR 5101: 2018, NBR 5181: 2013, or any other standards that may apply to the location that will receive lighting, etc.

Indoor Office and Industrial Automation Solutions

SX Lighting’s luminotechnical projects generate energy savings of up to 80% compared to conventional lamps. It is also possible to achieve an approximately 15% resource savings increase with indoor automation through the use of sensors and high-tech control systems.

Turn-key Projects

SX Lighting manages projects starting from the uninstallation of current vapor or fluorescent lamps, disposal of materials in accordance with current environmental legislation, and installation of new LED lamps, including other services that can be project execution, sizing of new structure, collection of ART for project and installation, lighting and electrical consultancy and advisory.

Clients can also rely on adequate financing for their business, and contracts are drawn up to generate energy consumption savings and payment of services and products, installment payments over 48 times, if necessary.

The most interesting thing about the financing model is that the customer does not need to pay any amount for the lamps to be acquired and installed, and the installment payments will be lower than the current electricity costs of the lamps.

SX Lighting’s Market Differentiators

The company is an excellent option, well-regarded in the market, as it offers high-quality service, with guidance from a specialized technical team that prioritizes customer needs. Moreover, the products feature Philips technology to meet all customer expectations.

Check out SX Lighting’s main differentiators:

  • Service throughout the Brazilian territory and overseas;
  • Products with modern design and development and proprietary engineering, 95% national manufacturing and product certification;
  • Reliable devices manufactured with state-of-the-art Philips technology;
  • Partnership with the world’s best LED and Driver brands;
  • Presence in the largest industries and municipalities throughout Brazil.

Credibility and recognition are the results of this set of factors presented by SX Lighting. The service is personalized and carried out by qualified, extremely technical professionals with in-depth knowledge of the products and their applications. The technical team has a lot of credibility and commitment to serving the most varied markets and ensuring full customer satisfaction.

Hiring SX Lighting Solutions

The hiring process begins when the client contacts the company and presents their needs. Technical data is collected, and a lighting study is conducted to develop the ideal solution, according to the specific case. After the analysis, the client chooses the products and services together with the specialized professionals.

Now you know why SX Lighting is the right choice for your company’s lighting! The commercial team undergoes internal training for immersion in the LED world. Lighting and product project engineers are renowned and have direct contact with customers to answer questions and explain procedures.

Take advantage of being here and get to know SX Lighting’s product lines!

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