Norma de iluminação ABNT 8995

The Replacement of ABNT 5413 Lighting Standard with ABNT 8995-1

Norma de iluminação ABNT 8995

What changes with the replacement of NBR 5413 by NBR 8995-1?

NBR/ISO 8995-1 is a Brazilian standard that defines the minimum acceptable levels of lighting in indoor work environments, with the aim of providing more safety and visibility in the execution of professional tasks. The former standard used for this purpose, ABNT 5413, was a reference used for both sports areas, such as sports courts and clubs, and for the interiors of corporate environments, as defined by the Ministry of Labor.

ABNT 5413 was widely used by novice professionals in the development of lighting projects, including for warehouses, depots, and industries. However, in 2013, this standard was replaced by ABNT NBR/ISO 8995-1.

In this article, you will find the main definitions of the ABNT 5413 standard, the reasons for its replacement, and the new definitions with the ABNT NBR/ISO 8995-1 lighting standard. Enjoy the read!

ABNT NBR 5413 Lighting Standard

The ABNT 5413 standard was the regulation used for interior lighting. This document served as a foundation for novice professionals in the development of illuminance projects.

In summary, this standard defined the minimum luminosity indices for interior lighting, regardless of their intended use. One of the concepts worked on in the formalization of this standard is illuminance.

The terminology is provided in ABNT 5461 and corresponds to the intensity of illumination. It is measured in lux, represented by the letter E. Illuminance can be measured using a device called a lux meter.

High Illuminance

In the ABNT 5413 lighting standard, the guideline was that environments with low luminosity should use resources with high illuminance. In practice, to identify the need for higher values, it is enough to assess the effort required to see in a location, in relation to the activity carried out in the illuminated environment.

However, great care must be taken not to use resources that are too powerful and may hinder the use of the space due to glare. It is common for laypeople to think that floodlights, for example, can be applied without prior analytical study.

The result is a loss. Therefore, the guidance of specialized professionals is essential.

Low Illuminance

Low illuminance is when the environment does not require artificial energy intervention with higher values. This means that natural lighting conditions are favorable and require less powerful intervention to achieve better quality in local brightness.

In the ABNT 5413 Lighting Standard, there are some tables indicating the ideal amount of illuminance for various contexts, such as shops, warehouses, industries, etc. It is essential to develop a lighting project to find ideal solutions according to the standards, local conditions, and your available budget.

Work Environment

The ABNT 5413 lighting standard was applied to projects of any enclosed space, such as sports courts and workspaces. In the corporate environment, considering the appropriate use of standards is extremely important to ensure the good performance of employees.

Although it was replaced by the ABNT 8995-1 lighting standard, NBR 5413 was maintained by the Ministry of Labor as the standard for corporate environments. This definition was formalized in 2018 through Regulatory Norm NR 17. In practice, NBR 8995-1 complements the information provided in ABNT 5413. It is important to pay attention to this detail.

This means that NBR 8995-1 perfectly meets the requirements presented in NR 17 of the former Ministry of Labor. Therefore, for now, there is no problem using either standard. It is important to ensure their implementation since the brightness of the workplace is related to ergonomics.

An office with inadequate lighting can lead to health problems for employees and an increase in workplace accidents. Seek specialized professionals to implement the lighting project for your business.

ABNT NBR ISO/CIE 8995-1 Lighting Standard

The ABNT NBR ISO/CIE 8995-1 lighting standard was published in 2013 with the aim of replacing NBR 5413 and NBR 5382. For inspection purposes, companies can still use the ABNT 5413 lighting standard. However, the calculations presented in the new standard are much more advanced, which enhances the results of the lighting project.

NBR 8995-1 provides specific guidelines for the lighting of indoor work environments. In addition to the precision of the new calculations, this standard was designed to accommodate new lighting technologies that have emerged over the years, such as LED luminaires.

By implementing NBR 8995-1 in your business, you will improve the quality of life for your employees and boost their productivity. Developing a lighting project considering the latest market innovations enhances ergonomics.

Other Changes

Not only did the applied calculations undergo significant changes, but there were also impacts on glare control and color rendering index since they form the basis for decision-making in the lighting project. Due to the complexity of this study, the NBR 8995-1 lighting standard emphasizes the importance of specialist involvement in this process. Only experienced professionals can develop and implement an innovative lighting project that complies with the standards.

To build this plan, it is necessary to evaluate the lighting levels in the environment. With the update of the standard, there was also a new publication related to this technical diagnosis. NHO 11 (Occupational Hygiene Standard) should be considered in the first stage of the project.

It is important to note that increasing corporate lighting power can be done up to one level on the illuminance scale. Additionally, several factors must be considered:

  • Safety
  • Economy
  • Comfort and well-being
  • Visual task requirements

If you are thinking of improving the quality of lighting in your workspace, keep in mind that it is mandatory to ensure the application of the minimum levels presented by the ABNT 5413 lighting standard. However, since you are investing, it is better to opt for something that complies with NR 17 while offering a more innovative solution that will bring better results to your business.

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