Entenda a relação entre o LED e a redução de consumo de energia

Understand the relationship between the LED and the reduction of energy consumption

Entenda a relação entre o LED e a redução de consumo de energia

Understand the relationship between LED and energy consumption reduction

Do you know how LED lighting can help reduce electricity consumption? This is becoming increasingly important for businesses and individuals, given the rising cost of energy.

To reduce this cost, it is necessary to rethink habits that can reduce energy consumption. For example, it is important to prioritize items that use LED technology, as they are more economical.

Interested in the topic and want to learn more about the relationship between LED and energy consumption reduction? Then keep reading this post for more details.

What is the importance of saving energy?

The National Electric Energy Agency (ANEEL) is responsible for disclosing the cost of energy consumed by Brazilians. Recently, there was an announcement of a scarcity water tariff, which raised the charge to R$ 14.20 (nearly US$3) for every 100 kilowatt-hours consumed.

Have you thought about how this value can impact the earnings of a large company? Therefore, it becomes essential to create an internal policy of awareness and energy saving.

When a company has this concern, the results tend to be very positive, including reflections on product pricing, which due to the generated savings can be passed on to customers at a lower price.

With a more attractive price, consumers tend to buy more from your business and even promote it to other potential customers – factors that make the company more competitive and a reference in its niche.

Another advantage of saving energy is that it becomes possible to direct financial resources to important investments aimed at the growth of the business.

How does LED help reduce energy consumption?

In general, we can say that LED luminaires are much more efficient than conventional ones, since they produce the same amount of lighting, but use much less energy.

In addition, the heat generation during the lighting process made by LED luminaires is practically zero, a factor that is also relevant for energy savings. As it is able to work more efficiently, LED consumes about 85% less energy than fluorescent lamps.

What makes LED more economical is that it can directly transform the received electrical energy into light, while fluorescent lamps require metal filaments for their operation.

In practice, 1 watt of power from an LED lamp is equivalent to 2.5 watts from a fluorescent lamp. This means that the luminous efficiency of LED is much more economical than that of other types, as it produces the same amount of light with a lower number of power watts.

In the case of LED, all the heat that is received by the emitter is transformed into light, which generates much greater energy utilization. Thus, LED luminaires are durable and sustainable enough to save on electricity consumption and also provide stability and safety in lighting.

Another great benefit of LED luminaires is that they are more resistant than fluorescent and incandescent lamps, dispensing with frequent replacements and revisions or excessive consumption, even when their service life ends.

How to save energy?

Now that you understand the importance of reducing energy consumption, we will present relevant tips on how to lower your electricity bill. Keep reading and check it out!

Use light colors on walls

Making certain changes in the environment helps to reduce energy consumption. In this sense, changes such as improving the arrangement of furniture to better take advantage of natural light and, especially, using light colors on walls and floors are good tips.

Painting the walls, ceiling, and floors of the room with light colors causes the lighting to expand throughout the room. In this sense, the lighting project can also be done to improve the positioning of the lights.

All of these factors contribute positively to the reduction of the need for artificial lighting and, as a result, promote considerable energy savings over time.

Do a generalized electrical revision.

Another relevant point is that it is necessary to do a comprehensive review of the electrical installations of the company, after all, outdated circuit breakers, wires, sockets, and switches, besides being dangerous, also tend to be responsible for a significant waste of energy.

Use low consumption equipment.

A significant problem related to energy consumption is high consumption appliances, such as those that have not been maintained for a long time or are very old. In this sense, the ideal is to replace them with more modern equipment.

Newer appliances, in general, are produced to be more economical and efficient. It is also important to be cautious about maintaining all appliances to ensure high durability and good functioning.

Before purchasing electronic equipment, it is recommended to observe the Procel seal of Inmetro and choose high-performance category A equipment because they are the most economical.

Choose LED lamps.

Finally, giving preference to LED lamps is also essential for reducing energy consumption, after all, it is a durable, sustainable, and economical item. Other lamps, such as incandescent lamps, consume more energy and offer little luminosity return.

On the other hand, LED lighting, as we have seen, is capable of producing more luminosity and, at the same time, consuming less energy. Thus, despite being a more expensive item, the return on investment occurs quickly.

Now that you know the relationship between LED and energy consumption reduction, put our tips into practice to reduce your electricity bill and remember that investing in good equipment is synonymous with long-term savings. In this sense, SX Lighting stands out in offering LED lighting and has the best product options on the market!

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