Iluminação de supermercados no centro de distribuição

Lighting a supermarket’s distribution center and other areas: why is it important?

Iluminação de supermercados no centro de distribuição

Lighting a supermarket’s distribution center and other areas: why is it important?

Many supermarket owners believe they only have to worry about lighting in the sales hall. However, there are other areas that must be well lit inside this kind of store, such as distribution centers, storages, parking lots and other areas that people walk by.

In this post, we’ll talk about lighting of supermarkets in their distribution centers and show the reasons why the sales hall should be well lit alone. Besides, we’ll point the importance of lighting the other spaces and explain how to improve luminosity.

Here you will discover why clarity is so important in all areas. Enjoy the reading!

Why worrying about efficient lighting at supermarkets?

The logistic center has a large area and, in it, the exposition of many products before going to the sales hall. This lighting for supermarkets brings more sustainability for the business, once it reduces energy consumption. The LED luminaires don’t pollute the atmosphere, preserving nature from the gases present in conventional bulbs.

Furthermore, lighting with LED devices meet the regulations for safety and health at the work place. It reduces the risk of accidents due to the efficiency of the light emitting diodes to provide visibility to the area. Lastly, it values and conserves the products better, preventing loss of goods.

How can we improve lighting in all areas of supermarkets?

The best way of improving lighting in supermarkets is through a lighting project elaborated by specialized professionals. They make calculate the ideal level of lighting for each sector and choose the adequate devices for the areas in the store.

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Developing a lighting project

The lighting projects influence the functionality and aesthetics of the supermarket. Specialists analyze a set of factors based on the blueprint of the place in order to definewhere the itemswhere the items will be installedto impact the sales. This planning aims at satisfying consumers and store owners.

The supermarket owner has his needs met and demands heard so that the conditions of the area are perfect to boost business. The lighting project also brings comfort to workers and sofisticstion to the places, valueing the decoration. The design of the luminaires and regulations are taken into consideration.

Use of LED luminaires

Traditional lights consume a lot of energy and demand constant maintenance to be fully operational. LED lights on the other hand have light emitting diodes and need less electricity to light the places. Besides, they have a longer rated life and last over 10 years without periodical maintenance.

Using emergency lighting

Some places need continuous lighting, making the use of emergency lighting recommendable, specially in corridors where there is no natural luminosity and stairwells, which cannot have no visibility in case of eventual problems.

Implementing LED floodlights

LED floodlights are often used for lighting the façades of the supermarkets to catch the attention of clients. Another place where these devices are very common are parking lots, once they increase the feeling of safety.

There are many models of LED floodlights, and each one has different wattages, still producing excellent lighting.

Using lights for highlighting

Some areas, like the butchery, bakery and fruits and vegetables can benefit from the use of  lighting equipments, which must be strategically installed. The CRI (Color Rendering Index) interferes with the sales.

Hot or yellow tones bring coziness to cellars and bomboniere. Conversely, cold colors are perfect for freezers and fish shops for example.

Direct lighting is a great option to highlight products that need to be put in evidence to attarct customers. Indirect lighting is softer and the diffuser works uniformly, eliminating contrasts. Each type can be used to improve financial results for the business.

Using sensors and dimmering

To quickly increase investment return and reduce energy consumption, it is advisable to invest in sensors and dimmering. Dimmable LED luminaires with light sensors are the perfect combination for the automatic control of light intensity in places where there is natural clarity.

It is a very relevant smart lighting system. With automation, energy saving reaches up to 15%.

Adopting new technologies

Topnotch technologies are crucial to resource saving and checking differences in the electricity bill. The LED devices are ready for automation and can work with ERP softwares (Enterprise Resource Planning) to make managing work easier.

In restricted areas and restrooms, presence sensors that turn on and off automatically can be installed. Other places where they are indicated are stocking areas and distribution centers. Also important to mention are security cameras, which work alongside LED luminaires.

Changing aesthetics

The luminosity in areas take the colors of floor and walls into consideration, as well as objects inside and other individual characteristics of the areas. In some cases, the light beams, shades and contrasts are used by project makers to reduce or increase light intensity and change customers’ perceptions.

In this article, you could understand a bit more the imporgtance of adapting lighting in supermarkets at the distribution center and other areas. To get the most from LED luminaires, you can count on the support from someone who is a recognized expert in Brazil and abroad.

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