Iluminação interna de supermercados

Internal lighting in supermarkerts: how does it help increase sales?

Iluminação interna de supermercados

Internal lighting in supermarkets: how does it help increase sales?

Increasing sales in times of crisis is a necessity that supermarket owners who are facing unfavirable conditions in a competitive environment. There are strategies which help reaching goals and keep the store’s positive results.

In order to know exactly what to do, business people of the segment must be aware of changes and new technologies that are emerging. In this post, we will show how a supermarket’s internal lighting can help increase sales and how you can do it properly.

Apart from that, we’ll explain how this kind of lighting works and what its direct relation with the increase in sales and customers’ attention is. Here, you’ll find tips to reduce waste using the proper lighting and obtaining energetic efficiency.

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How does supermarket lighting work?

Internal supermarket lighting is partly responsible for the increase in sales and the store’s revenue. Besides reducing electricity consumption, the lighting project helps cutting out costs.

It determines the necessary quantity of LED luminaires which make the area clearer and more attractive. This way, in order to have efficient lighting, it is crucial to rely on specialized professionals.

How does the internal lighting in supermarkets influence the increase in sales?

Internal lighting in supermarkets is different than industrial lighting. It is directly related to the increase in sales and customers’ attraction, once customers have a better perception of service, feeling of cleanliness, fresher products, among others.

Check next how an internal supermarket lighting boosts profitability and improves competitivity facing competitors!

Better perception of service

Organization of the area is crucial to offer good service to customers, who even observe lighting at parking lots. Luminosity brings comfort and well being to consumers.

By feeling calm and safe, customers stay longer in the physical facilities. They end up having a differentiated perception of service, buy more and become loyal more easily.

Higher feeling of cleanliness

Customers look for clean supermarkets and observe the disposition of shelves. If lighting is faulty it can promote disorganization on the shelves and consumers end up not finding the product they want. With this, they will stop buying and look for other options to satisfy their needs.

LED luminaires have the differential of color temperature, so the customers’ sight  is not affected, object coloring does not change and also increase the feeling of cleanliness. Setting up the internal lighting of supermarkets in LED is a real investment that generates returns in short, medium, and long terms.

Fresher products

With adequate lighting, food can seem fresher and atract customers’ attention. The project uses luminosity to display the product in a more attractive way, making its colors more alive and looking tastier.

This way, it lures customers to shop, besides significantly improving their experience concerning the supermarket.

What are the main tips to increase sales and reduce waste?

You can increase monthly revenue and reduce waste using proper lighting. In case your intention is boosting business, consider the possibility of implementing LED lighting in your stores.

Check below the main tips to reach your goals!

Conserving food

The LED technology helos conserving the products, specially the fresh ones. The LEDs do no emit heat, UVA rays, or even the infrared ones and that is why they are suitable to light the products offered. The replacement of light units in refrigerated furniture prevents food from deteriorating in particularly conflicting areas such as the butcher shop and fish market, where many goods would be lost.

Use the adequate level of lighting

This is a factor that can take clients to want the products as soon as they have visual contact with them. Besides using the adequate lighting level for each department, think of strategies to highlight each section and take custgomers to other related products. It is also possible to include colors in the lighting to grab even more attention.

Choose colors that highlight the areas

Colors are responsible for awakening physical sensations on customers. People feel much more lured by colorful food, mainly meat.

The intensity of light over the product transforms its appearance and, in case it’s inadequate, can completely degrade its image. The same is true for fruits, vegetables and legume.

 Attention to product highlighting

In each supermarket there is a differentiated and highlighted spot. Decide which area you’d like to highlight — the bakery, butcher shop or hortifruti a padaria, o açougue ou o hortifrúti — based on the products regularly made available. Choose the most indicated LED luminaires and start lighting from this place in order to catch curtomers’ attention.

Focus on energetic efficiency

Energetic efficiency helps reduce the amount you pay in your electricity bills at the end of each cycle. It reduces operational costs through adequate lighting, use of presence sensors and modern equipment that interfere on visibility without increasing consumption. Use the best energy sources and get returns from your investments.

Consider sustainability

Sustainability is being adoptedby companies worldwide. Consumers are more aware of the necessity of protecting natural resources day after day.

Consequently, they tend to prefer sustainable businesses. LED lighting does not generate the outflow of polluting gases in the atmosphere and the items have longer rated life.

Enhance customers’ experience

Customers’ experience is the focus of business people who intend to keepo their stores open in the next years. This way, invest to offer your customers a better experience so they don’t forget your supermarket and always come back.

The LED luminaire positioning personalizes the shopping experience and guides customers towards the right directions. The balance in supermarket lighting helps consolidating your brand.

Have well-lit isles

The lighting of supermarket isles is essential to bring the sensation of wideness to the area. A set of combined lights with the flooring colors brings the impression that the physical structure is much bigger. Longer isles should also be lit in a way that promotes the feelings of safety and tranquility.

How to choose suitable luminaires for the internal lighting of supermarkets?

To pick the ideal luminaires for the supermarket, rely on a lightinhg project which was developed by a specialist professional. They understand the concepts of diffuse lighting, direct and indirect, know which lights are more suitable for each section and appropriate mounting points.

Besides, they perform the lighting calculation and point the exact moment when the LED lighting will start generating profits.

Now you already know a little more about internal lighting of supermarkets and how a lighting project helps increasing sales! Choose a company that offers LED lighting solutions, with industrial lines that present quaity higher than the average market and bring more savings to its customers.

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