iluminação led para shopping

LED lighting for malls: What is its importance and what to consider for a project

iluminação led para shopping

LED Lighting for Shopping Malls: What to Consider in a Project

LED lighting for shopping malls: do you know what should be taken into consideration when designing for this type of establishment? Due to the high level of competition in today’s market, shopping centers need to increasingly adopt the latest technology to serve the public quickly and efficiently.

This even includes lighting, as good lighting not only provides safety to the shopping mall but also makes it stand out from its competitors. In cases where the project includes LED lighting, there are even more advantages for the establishment, as this type of material offers up to 85% energy savings and requires no maintenance.

If you want to learn more about lighting projects for shopping malls and discover what needs to be considered in this type of project, keep reading this post as we will present all the details. Check it out!

What is the importance of a lighting project for shopping malls?

A lighting project for shopping malls must consider all areas of the establishment, such as common areas, technical areas, parking lots, administrative areas, facades, and billboards, taking into account the needs of each location.

For example, common areas include the corridors where visitors walk and observe store windows and food courts. In this environment, it is common to find shopping centers that like to integrate internal artificial light with natural lighting. To do so, glass is placed on the ceiling to take advantage of sunlight during the day.

In technical and administrative areas, office lighting is commonly used, following internal lighting standards. In parking lots, the main concern should be to create lighting that provides visibility and safety to the environment without causing glare. Finally, facades and billboards must have projects that aim to attract the public and attract new customers.

Thus, a well-executed lighting project for a shopping mall is essential as it is directly linked to maintaining the business’s market, as it influences the customer experience and the competitiveness of the business.

Moreover, customers usually do not feel safe or comfortable spending hours in an establishment that does not have adequate lighting. Therefore, they tend to leave stores before the expected time of stay and even stop frequenting the shopping mall, reducing the store owners’ profit.

Should lighting in shopping malls be careful?

According to João Pedro, a lighting specialist engineer at SX Lighting, lighting projects for shopping malls must have well-defined criteria since without proper planning, the building’s structural electrical installations that house the shopping mall may not be enough.

Thus, a shopping center that does not invest in lighting increases the risk of power supply failures, blackouts, and even short circuits – factors that can undoubtedly generate losses to the establishment.

On the other hand, an adequate lighting project with careful lighting contributes to the customer experience and the shopping mall’s competitiveness since well-planned installations that use quality products and are performed by well-qualified professionals tend to present fewer failures and require less maintenance services.

Another important point, according to João Pedro, concerns electricity consumption. The company responsible for the shopping mall lighting project should analyze the true needs and dimensions of each of the environments to avoid unnecessary use of lamps and other lighting equipment.

However, in cases where the technologies used and the demands of the location are correctly defined, the investment applied tends to generate positive results for a long time.

What are the main advantages of a lighting project for shopping malls?

As we have seen, the main objective of a shopping mall lighting project is to create a visual experience that stimulates and, at the same time, generates a comfortable environment for consumers.

Although we have already mentioned some of the advantages of a well-executed lighting project, there are certain factors that appear in the medium and long term and deserve attention, such as:

  • Visual comfort for the public who frequent the location;
  • Improvement of lighting quality, which enhances the environments and stores;
  • Quality lighting can generate increased sales;
  • Provides greater security for customers both in indoor and outdoor environments, such as parking lots;
  • Generates savings on electricity bills;
  • Assists in reducing the environmental impact generated by electricity consumption, making the enterprise more sustainable and therefore eligible for even demanding certifications;
  • Increases the well-being of customers in shopping malls.

Thus, in cases where the lighting project is executed correctly, the investment made generates different benefits and tends to be felt for a long period.

Why should shopping malls invest in LED lighting?

LED luminaires have been shown to be a trend in commercial lighting projects, including in shopping malls, especially because they have features that deserve attention, such as the reduction of electricity costs.

However, savings is not the only benefit of this type of lighting. There are still many other reasons for shopping malls to invest in LED lighting, such as:

  • Enhances the decoration and architecture of the location;
  • Elevated luminous quality;
  • Greater security;
  • Not harmful;
  • Increases the consumption of products, services and food;
  • Does not heat up with use;
  • Usually presents greater prominence and approval of the establishments installed on the premises;
  • Increases visitor stay time;
  • Provides more satisfaction to consumers – which generates customer loyalty.

It is worth noting that there are different models of LED luminaires ideal for shopping malls and each one fits better in a specific area of the enterprise, such as:

  • SX-LPP – Public Plus Luminaire, for parking lots;
  • SX-EVO – Public Evolution Luminaire, for parking lots;
  • SX-HBM – High Bay Modular Luminaire, for indoor areas and covered parking lots;
  • SX-PLE – Recessed LED Panel, for indoor areas and administrative areas;
  • SX-LIH – High Bay Reflector, for facades.

LED lighting for shopping malls: now that you know its importance, put our tips into practice and remember to rely on a serious and qualified company, such as SX Lighting, to help you with your project.

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