Iluminação para empresas de transporte e logística: como a SX pode ajudar?

Lighting for transportation and logistics companies: how can SX help?

Iluminação para empresas de transporte e logística: como a SX pode ajudar?

Lighting for transportation and logistics companies: how can SX help?

Do you know the importance of lighting for transportation and logistics companies? In this sector, lighting directly influences the safety and productivity of employees. For this reason, it must be planned in a responsible and strategic way.

Lighting for transportation and logistics companies must be flexible and adjustable to highlight risk and high-traffic areas, such as truck circulation and loading platforms, as well as to make it possible to read labels for material or product identification, among other important factors.

If you want to learn more about the topic and discover how SX Lighting can help companies in the transportation and logistics area, continue reading this post to see all the details. Enjoy the reading!

What is the importance of lighting for transportation and logistics companies?

Transportation and logistics basically consist of a set of activities that involves planning, execution, and control of product transportation. For this reason, it is a segment that requires a lot of attention and care for the products.

In this case, it is precisely the equipment arrangement and the environment that define what is the appropriate distribution to obtain uniform and glare-free lighting.

A logistics warehouse that has adequate lighting, in addition to improving its work processes, also preserves the visual health of employees, avoiding risks of visual fatigue and incidence of accidents – a factor that consequently increases productivity, as satisfied employees work more motivated.

There is also a part of logistics that concerns the manufacturing process, control of the stock of what needs to be produced, and movement of materials within the company. This, in turn, involves the entire flow of materials from the carrier, initial product supply, and distribution. In this case, adequate lighting prevents waste and ensures the growth and profitability of the company.

What is the best type of lighting for logistics warehouses?

A lighting project for transportation and logistics companies must necessarily provide comfort to all individuals who frequent the site, in addition to having ease of maintenance and investment savings. Based on these concepts, the most advantageous option for these environments is usually LED lighting.

In this case, it is possible to use both industrial LED luminaires and LED floodlights, taking into account some factors, such as the size of the environment and whether or not there is local natural lighting, to define the most appropriate type.

LED luminaires are the most suitable option for companies in this sector because they generate up to 80% savings on electricity costs, do not require maintenance, have a long lifespan (which means that replacement takes a long time to happen), and can be dimmable for automation of the environment – which can generate an additional 15% savings.

What are the suitable LED luminaires for the sector?

According to João Pedro, lighting specialist at SX Lighting, the company recommends the following LED luminaires for the transportation and logistics industry:

  • SX-LIH – High Bay Floodlight and SX-LIO – Onboard Industrial Luminaire
  • SX-LIH in wattages 45W, 95W, 145W, 185W, and 238W, which provides luminous efficiency of 140 lm/W, IP66 protection degree, 100,000-hour rated life, surge protector, and 5-year warranty;
  • SX-LIO in wattages 100W, 150W, with luminous efficiency of 108 lm/W, IP66 protection degree, 3-year warranty, and 100,000-hour rated life.

It is worth mentioning that both LED luminaire options presented have angles that allow light to be directed in various positions.

Regarding the raw materials and technologies used in SX Lighting luminaires, both reflectors have Philips technology (driver) and have the following characteristics:

  • Easy installation;
  • Exclusive design;
  • Electrostatic painting with UV protection;
  • Aluminum body;
  • Stainless steel fastening.

How can SX Lighting help with lighting for transportation and logistics companies?

SX Lighting offers a line of floodlights that are designed in conjunction with a specialized engineering team’s lighting project. They are ideal for illuminating the transport and logistics sector, providing more savings, efficiency, visual harmony, and increased productivity for the industry.

Regarding lighting projects, according to João Pedro, they are developed based on an analysis of the environments’ function, the amount of light necessary for the spaces, and the calculation of the lighting level to provide visual comfort and high energy efficiency. In this case, it is essential to pay attention to the functions performed in the spaces and the equipment they possess to develop a good lighting project.

Thus, through planning, it is possible to determine the most suitable type of luminaire or reflector for the environment, as well as the need to implement more or fewer lighting points to reduce, amplify, or hide environments, which influences the visual and thermal comfort of the area.

In a lighting project for outdoor areas, the professional must also observe which points deserve highlight and what is the best LED lighting solution for the environment. This should always be considered with a focus on savings, durability, and material handling.

The main differential of SX Lighting for the transportation and logistics sector is that, in addition to having a specialized team of engineers who develop custom projects for this industry, the luminaires are developed with the best technology on the market. In addition to having special luminaires for the segment, complying with all standards and bringing economy, efficiency, and safety to the space.

In this sense, it is worth noting that SX Lighting complies with the NBR 8995-1 standard for lighting for internal workspaces and the requirements necessary for people to perform visual tasks efficiently, with comfort and safety throughout the working period.

Now that you know what lighting is for transportation and logistics companies, you should have realized the importance of lighting projects carried out by qualified professionals for this industry. So don’t waste time and invest in LED luminaires so that your company can enjoy all the benefits we have presented.

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