Afinal qual a importância da iluminação no PDV

After all, what is the importance of lighting in the POS? Check it out!

Afinal qual a importância da iluminação no PDV

After all, what is the importance of lighting in the POS? Check it out!

To begin to understand the importance of lighting in the POS (point of sale), it is normal for people to know that a poorly lit environment can cause fatigue, decreased productivity, vision problems, and even work accidents. However, the impacts of poor lighting planning can also be perceived from a commercial point of view.

Lighting in the POS is a factor that must be taken into consideration, as an environment with an inadequate project can disperse your consumers or even prevent potential customers from entering the store.

If you want to learn more about POS lighting, continue reading this post, as we will show you more details about its true importance. Don’t miss it!

What is the importance of lighting in the POS?

Lighting is relevant in all environments, whether commercial, residential, or industrial. In general, this is a criterion that goes unnoticed by most people, but in cases where it is deficient, the light of the place is noticed and can cause risks of accidents and health problems.

Incorrect lighting in a store can make customers want to exchange products frequently because, when they arrive home, they notice that the colors or details of the item were different from what they chose at the time of purchase. This type of case often happens in places that do not have good clarity.

Especially because each location of a store requires a specific lighting project, with disposal strategies that solidify the proposal of the environment and special luminaires. In practice, the truth is that when entering the POS, customers, even unconsciously, decide in a few moments whether they want to stay in the place or not.

Therefore, it is important to have a professional environment with correct lighting, as it is more inviting and increases the chances of making your audience enter the establishment and stay there for a longer time. In addition, through well-designed lighting projects, it is possible to make your products even more beautiful, attractive, and with a better appearance.

Investing in an excess of luminaires, contrary to what many people think, is also not ideal. After all, just as deficient lighting drives away customers, excess light produces the same effect and is commonly known as light pollution. This factor can cause visual fatigue in your customers, reducing the time they spend in the POS and consequently reducing the average ticket of purchases.

Therefore, having a professional lighting project is important to know how much and what quality of luminaires your business needs. Each location is analyzed so that it is possible to obtain the desired effects, such as improving the appearance of products, increasing the concentration of employees, or creating an atmosphere that makes customers buy more.

What lighting precautions should be taken?

Now that you know the importance of lighting in the POS, we will present some tips that can be followed by managers to invest in these criteria. Don’t miss it!

Choose the types of luminaires well

Nowadays, there are several types of luminaires that can be used in a commercial establishment. LED is more recommended, as it is more economical and durable, not requiring constant replacements like ordinary light bulbs.

LED luminaires can be warm or cool and combine high energy efficiency with aesthetic beauty in the same product. When well applied, they add value and an elegant aesthetic to the environment.

Cool colors, for example, have low temperatures and cause a sense of agility, in addition to reducing (or even solving) problems of reflection on shop windows. Warmer illuminations provide a more cozy environment.

It is also necessary to pay attention to the power of the lighting that a luminaire is capable of generating, as this criterion influences the amount of light dispersed in the location where it is applied. For places where a higher level of luminosity is needed, the power should be higher; otherwise, the ideal is that the power is lower.

Learn about the effects of lighting.

In addition to choosing the fixtures, understanding the effects of lighting is also an important part of a retail store’s lighting strategy.

Directed light

Directed light is often used to highlight certain products or areas of the facility. This effect can be combined with shadow techniques to make the environment more cozy and stylish.

Diffused light

In the case of diffused light, the object is illuminated without directed light. Colors and materials that promote good reflection in the environment are used to make the location pleasant and without glare.

In this type of effect, the lamps should not be visible. Therefore, it is ideal to use hidden fixtures in the installations. Another relevant tip is to use lamps with directed light focus for another location.

Highlight your products

To create the appropriate highlight for desired products and direct the focus of lighting, it is important to prioritize balance in the environment. In this sense, items that should attract customers’ attention should be more visible and illuminated.

Contrasting between illuminated and non-illuminated products is also possible in order to create a unique environment for your retail store. Uniform lighting can contribute to productive environments such as cash registers and especially fitting rooms.

Have a lighting project

For your retail store to have optimized lighting, it is important to have a lighting project that matches the brand identity and creates an environment that pleases customers. Therefore, as we have seen, it is relevant to choose the ideal LED fixtures and use light to highlight desired items.

Now that you know the importance of lighting in your retail store, try putting our tips into practice as soon as possible to enjoy the benefits of having an environment that can attract even more customers!

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