luminária hermética led

LED vapor tight luminaire: discover its ideal application

luminária hermética led

LED vapor tight luminaire: know the advantages and where its application is ideal.

PLEASE NOTE: Vapor Tights are still not sold out of Brazil by SX Lighting

The vapor tight LED luminaire is the ideal option for lighting in environments that concentrate more steam or humidity, places that require greater attention to cleanliness, sensitive environments, and difficult conditions, such as a food industry, cold rooms, refrigerators, laboratories, and so on.

If you are interested in the topic and want to discover the reasons why you should choose a vapor tight luminaire, continue reading this post where we will present all the details. Check it out!

What are the main types of vapor tight luminaires?

Initially, it is necessary to understand the origin of the vapor tight luminaire. The term vapor tight means closed, meaning that in this case, the luminaire is enveloped in a completely isolated environment.

The aforementioned isolation process of the luminaire can ensure that the substances and particles from the environment in which it is being used do not impact the performance of its lighting.

Thus, factors such as dust, salinity, sea air, or humidity do not become inconvenient for lighting since, through the vapor tight luminaire, it is possible to make the most of the investment made by the company.

According to João Pedro Freire, a specialist at Sx Lighting, the company has the following types of hermetic luminaires:

  • Traditional vapor tight luminaire: made of IP65 polycarbonate, they are ideal for use as industrial luminaires or in businesses in locations that concentrate humidity and steam or where lighting needs protection from external agents;
  • Tubular vapor tight luminaire: recommended for the lighting of businesses and industries that concentrate steam and humidity or in locations that require protection from external agents. They are made of polycarbonate with an IP65 protection rating;
  • Emergency vapor tight luminaire: similar to the traditional vapor tight luminaire, but has an emergency module that is activated whenever it is necessary to signal escape routes in case of power outage, lighten dark places, and assist in rescuing individuals in emergency situations.

What are the main characteristics of the vapor tight luminaire?

Among the main characteristics of the vapor tight luminaire, we can mention the following:

  • The SX Lighting vapor tight luminaires have a 100% polycarbonate structure; The installation method is easy and practical;
  • The models of SX Lighting vapor tight luminaires do not have diffuser closing clips since they are sealed and have an integrated LED plate, making it unnecessary to open the item, ensuring the product’s effectiveness and allowing the light generated in the polycarbonate diffuser to pass easily;
  • SX Lighting uses the best materials and durability options in the global market and offers a 5-year warranty.

It is worth noting that, in cases where the vapor tight luminaire has an LED lamp instead of an LED plate, the light needs to pass through the lamp diffuser and also through the luminaire diffuser, which causes it to lose its luminous effectiveness.

Thus, it is recommended that the hermetic luminaire have an integrated LED plate to ensure its good performance.

What are the benefits of the vapor tight luminaire?

Vapor tight luminaires have different benefits, such as:

  • They do not require maintenance, as the LEDs are extremely protected;
  • Their lifespan is long, and the investment in a hermetic luminaire will ensure a considerable reduction in maintenance expenses;
  • Practicality when cleaning;
  • High luminous efficiency;
  • Great cost-benefit ratio;
  • Easy installation.

Regarding the installation of an LED vapor tight luminaire, the following relevant points must be considered:

  • Each environment has its peculiarities, which is why the lighting design aims to ensure that the lighting in the space is ideal.
  • It is necessary to perform a lighting calculation determining the ideal LUX level to comply with the NHO11 standard of the Ministry of Labor, in order to define the appropriate position for installing the equipment in the environment.
  • The vapor tight luminaire is installed with 2 clips, making it possible to insert the screw before in the profile or other structure and then fit the clip into the luminaire before and after installing it in the desired structure. The electrical part is done simply, through a 3-way cord.

Why is the vapor tight luminaire even more advantageous for food industrial environments?

As we have seen, the hermetic luminaire can be used in different environments, but it is usually even more advantageous in food industrial environments, especially for the following reasons:

  • In industrial kitchens, because it is capable of ensuring that the entire space is illuminated and protected, which facilitates cleaning to avoid dust accumulation and, consequently, there is no concern about such agents falling on food;
  • In refrigerators, since refrigerated areas total more than six million cubic meters in Brazil and the temperature in the environment varies between -1°C and -40°C, conditions that can directly affect the duration and quality of the lighting in the environment. With the hermetic luminaire, this problem is efficiently solved, without losing quality and without requiring regular equipment maintenance.

In addition, the vaor tight luminaire is also recommended in other environments that are not related to food, such as the following:

  • In laboratories, since depending on the substances researched or used on the premises, they can harm common luminaires. This does not occur with hermetic luminaires, due to their complete isolation that prevents any substance or particle from entering the equipment;
  • In industries to reduce maintenance and energy costs; In parking lots with high vehicle traffic, as gases and pollutants dispersed by cars can contribute directly to a shorter life span of common light bulbs, a problem that is solved through hermetic luminaires;
  • In car washes, as direct contact with water and other particles is avoided by using hermetic luminaires in these environments; In coastal cities, since hermetic luminaires prevent the effect of sea air and humidity from affecting the lighting; In social clubs, especially in pool and sauna areas, where humidity is high and can be an obstacle to the durability of common light bulbs.

Now that you know all the details about the vapor tight luminaire, remember that it is essential to choose the correct alternative when selecting lighting. In this sense, SX Lighting offers consultative service provided by industry experts and an engineering team for all types of luminaires, including vapor tight luminaires, as well as offering the best products on the market and performing free lighting studies.

Now that you are convinced that SX Lighting will provide you with the best lighting, click here and request assistance from our experts.

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