Luminária industrial High Bay

7 advantages of the High Bay LED industrial luminaire for companies

Luminária industrial High Bay

7 advantages of High Bay LED industrial lighting for companies

Before knowing how to choose High Bay industrial lighting, managers face real challenges with industrial lighting, as industries contain different areas, both internal and external. When a lighting project is not applied, electricity costs are very high, not to mention poorly lit areas that cause insecurity and discomfort to employees.

In this post, we will show what High Bay LED industrial lighting is, as well as 7 advantages of its use for lighting warehouses, companies, and industries. We will also explain how to install them correctly and how to choose the best one for your structure.

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High Bay LED industrial lighting and its benefits

High Bay LED industrial lighting is a state-of-the-art equipment designed to be installed in industrial environments. The products must be installed at a height of 8 to 12 meters, being ideal for storage, distribution, production, and logistics centers. They are environmentally friendly, modern, flexible options that do not harm the health of their users.

The benefits of this High Bay LED industrial lighting are numerous, as they have high luminosity power. They do not emit heat, are easily installed, have great durability, and generate savings that impact business growth. Additionally, they provide excellent visibility, eliminating shadows that cause insecurity in employees.

The 7 advantages of High Bay LED industrial lighting for industrial environments

If you are willing to make an investment that brings short, medium, and long-term returns, consider implementing a lighting project. With this, High Bay LED industrial lighting will be included and will increase workers’ productivity. See below the 7 reasons why this device is ideal for industrial environments!

1. High intensity

The device offers high intensity, but with high luminous uniformity. The optical system ensures users’ comfort and safety, as it prevents glare. Thus, there is no brightness that can interfere with the performance of forklift operators, for example.

Drivers will be able to stack products on higher shelves, looking up without feeling any discomfort. The equipment has protection against overheating, overcurrent, overvoltage, and short circuit. However, grounding is mandatory for the correct functioning of the product, which has an angle of 0 to 180 degrees.

2. Low heat emission

This industrial luminaire practically does not emit heat, making it suitable for locations where ambient temperature is relevant. To be part of a lighting project, in addition to not emitting heat, the device needs to be temperature-resistant and not heat up. On the other hand, it should also be resistant to dust and moisture, especially if installed in outdoor areas.

The option also presents impact resistance, built-in surge protector, can or cannot be dimmed, and has a unique design. The most suitable types vary according to industry needs, however, they are available in models SX – LIH050 with 49W, SX – LIH100 with 95W, SX – LIH150 with 145W, SX – LIH200 with 185W, and SX – LIH250 with 238W.

3. Durability

Conventional lamps have a much shorter lifespan than LED luminaires, which is why they generate expenses with constant replacement and maintenance. High Bay LED industrial luminaires have a prolonged lifespan, lasting up to 10 years if properly installed. When used in conjunction with telemetry and automation equipment, with presence sensors, it only turns on when movement is detected.

4. Energy saving

Energy savings are optimized, given that if there is no activity happening in the commercial and industrial space, it automatically turns off if dimmed. Moreover, it can be used with natural light. This luminaire is extremely efficient and alone saves more than double the energy compared to traditional lamps.

If it is being applied in a lighting project, it is possible to see a savings of around 90% on bills at the end of the month. They are perfect for the growth and development of companies that are operating in a highly competitive scenario and are looking for ways to improve their budget.

5. Warranty

The product has high performance and excellence in its manufacturing and was designed to last a long time and not require periodic maintenance like others. It has a light distribution curve that illuminates environments uniformly and, therefore, increases production. Its lifespan is around 100,000 hours, so its warranty is 5 years.

6. High Performance

High performance and quality are the two factors that differentiate the High Bay LED luminaire. Most distribution centers and warehouses are built with high ceilings, ranging from 3 to 7 meters in height, although some exceed this measure.

Thus, maintenance can be complex and require the use of specific equipment. But the long life and high performance prevent constant replacements, as well as work interruptions and financial losses due to lack of clarity.

7. Easy Installation

The installation of the luminaires is facilitated. They come with a technical specification sheet with all the instructions and technical characteristics to enable installation by the user. Consumption information, standard opening angle, power factor, operating voltage, equivalence, and other important data are accessible, with drawings that allow for a better understanding of the installer.

The application of the High Bay LED industrial luminaire

The application of High Bay LED industrial luminaires should be done considering the needs of the area where it will be installed. They are very useful in parking lots, tunnels, gyms, courts, airports, ports, warehouses, logistics sheds, and other similar establishments.

A specialized professional defines the most appropriate location for installation, evaluating various factors, such as height, angle, walls, presence of obstacles or unevenness, and the type of activity performed in a certain area of ​​the industry. Normally, a lighting design project is the ideal solution for those who want to invest, instead of just acquiring luminaires.

Finally, now you know the advantages of the High Bay LED industrial luminaire for companies! They should be installed in industrial environments following the technical guidelines of each product. To choose the best alternatives for your company, talk to someone who understands the subject and ask them to calculate energy efficiency!

High Bay LED industrial luminaires were designed to offer savings and quality to industries.

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