Luminária LED industrial será que vale a pena

Industrial LED Luminaire: Is It Worth the Investment in This Technology?

Luminária LED industrial será que vale a pena

Translate: “Industrial LED luminaire: Is it worth it?

Choosing quality lighting products for your lighting project is essential, as these types of items have greater durability and, consequently, better cost-benefit.

In this sense, the industrial LED luminaire is an item that has several advantages over the common one and, therefore, should be considered by companies when choosing a quality lighting product.

Are you interested in the topic and want to learn more about the industrial LED luminaire and find out if it is really worth investing in? Then keep reading this post, as we will present all the details. Don’t miss it!

What is the difference between the industrial LED luminaire and the common one?

In general, we can say that the main difference between the industrial LED luminaire and the common one is that it has a high luminous flux sufficient to illuminate a large space with low power consumption and automation possibilities. Thus, with only a few lighting points – where the equipment is placed – it is possible to guarantee clarity throughout the environment with greater uniformity.

Nowadays, there are different models of industrial LED luminaires available on the market, such as the following:

  • LED panels for embedding or overlapping;
  • High-power LED floodlights;
  • High Bay, Mid Bay and Low Bay LED luminaires;
  • Vapor Tight LED luminaires;
  • Linear LED luminaires;
  • LED floodlights.

In addition, since the industrial LED luminaire presents several benefits for a company to replace its lighting, besides the investment not being too high, in reality, the return on investment is made in a very short time.

In this sense, SX lighting has SX Capital (currently available in Brazil only), a flexible proposal for companies that are working on an Energy Efficiency Project or have not started it due to lack of capital.

SX Capital presents different financing methods that make sense for your business, including the most complete ones possible. The savings generated by LED luminaires, in addition to covering the installment value, are still able to generate a positive return.

Where can the industrial LED luminaire be implemented?

Many people have doubts about the places where the industrial LED luminaire can be implemented. However, in reality, it is possible to install it in various places, such as:

  • Industries of all sectors;
  • Airports;
  • Sports courts;
  • Gas stations;
  • Parking lots;
  • Sheds;
  • Gyms;
  • Roads;
  • Churches;
  • Among others.

To choose the ideal industrial LED luminaire for your enterprise, it is necessary to create a lighting project to establish factors such as the exact quantity of luminaires, as well as the expected results with expenses and maintenance that must be achieved.

What are the advantages of this product?

We know that in the industry, one of the most relevant expenses is usually the electricity bill. Therefore, most managers want to reduce this cost. In this sense, the technology used in the lighting of environments is an essential factor, and choosing the industrial LED luminaire is a good way to save up to 70% on electricity.

Today, industries usually use vapor or halogen lamps. However, although they fulfill their role adequately, their energy efficiency is lower, and consequently, there is greater energy consumption.

The industrial LED luminaire, on the other hand, consumes less energy and is also capable of illuminating a larger space, which requires reduced electrical load. It also maintains up to more than 70% of its lifespan, while other lighting modalities operate only up to 30% of the operating time.

Another benefit of the industrial LED luminaire is that, during the process of converting electrical energy into light, it hardly heats up – a relevant factor because it does not contribute to the heating of the environment, and consequently, the company can reduce its cooling costs.

The industrial LED luminaire also has a much longer lifespan, up to 4 times more than other technologies used in industrial environments. In an industry that operates 24 hours a day, this issue is often very relevant, as it is not necessary to frequently stop part of the production for maintenance to be carried out.

Finally, another one of LED’s differentials is that it comes with different shapes, colors, and models available, which allows it to be used in different environments safely, without the risk of accidents. After all, its technology is sustainable, modern, and the most suitable for industries that aim for excellence.

Why does the industrial LED luminaire have such a positive cost-benefit ratio?

As we have seen, the industrial LED luminaire has several advantages that make it have a positive and higher cost-benefit ratio than other luminaires, such as:

  • Higher rated life;
  • Less maintenance costs;
  • Higher energy efficiency;
  • Reduction of electricity costs.

Why is it worth buying an industrial LED luminaire from SX Lighting?

In order to find quality materials, it is essential to turn to renowned manufacturers, such as SX Lighting, since the products used directly interfere with the final result and also avoid future problems that generate unwanted expenses.

According to João Pedro, Marketing Director of SX Lighting, in order to be able to choose a good supplier, it is essential to consider if the company:

  • It is a company that is, consolidated in the market and in full growth, that offers quality technical support;
  • Provides products that have the highest technology available on the market, in order to understand and exceed customer expectations;
  • Has the guidance of a specialized technical team that prioritizes customer needs.

SX Lighting, in turn, in addition to having the points we mentioned, also presents the following differentials:

  • Offers international support; It is a mutinational company that contributes to the development of local markets;
  • Uses reliable devices, manufactured with cutting-edge technology;
  • Is present in the largest industries and municipalities throughout Brazil;
  • Has the partnership of the best LED and Driver brands in the world;
  • Offers modern products that have exclusive design, own development, own engineering, and certification;
  • Has ISO 9001:2015 certification – integrates components and establishes long-term partnerships with the best cost-benefit offered;
  • Luminaires with exclusive design and manufactured in Brazil, wit tradition and quality, guaranteeing a superior lifespan for a truly energy-efficient solution.

Thus, SX Lighting, a genuinely Brazilian company, with 100% of its production national since 2012 (now expanding overseas), has today a partnership with the largest and most recognized LED and Driver brands in the world, bringing to its products the most modern and safe in the LED lighting industry, with credibility and recognition due to the set of factors we present.

In addition to everything, it provides its customers with personalized service by qualified professionals, who are technicians with in-depth knowledge about the products and their applications, necessary to serve the most varied markets and to guarantee full customer satisfaction.

Now that you know all the details about the industrial LED luminaire, you must have realized that it is a product that is worth it for industries. However, remember that it is essential to have a qualified and renowned partner in order to enjoy the benefits we present.

Interested in the industrial LED luminaire? Then, contact us to learn about SX Lighting’s solutions!

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