luminária led industrial

5 points you should know about LED Industrial Luminaires

luminária led industrial

5 points you should know about LED Industrial Luminaires

Everything about the LED Industrial Luminaire in order to pick the best one for your firor your lighting project is crucial, once this kind of item has longer durability and, consequently, better cost-benefit ratio.

In this sense, the LED industrial luminaire is an item that stands out when comparing to the ordinary ones and, therefore, must be considered by the companies when choosing a quality lighting project.

Are you interested about the topic and want to know more about the LED industrial luminaire and find out if, in fact it is an item that is worthy being invested on? So just and we’ll introduce you to all details.

What is the difference between the LED industrial luminaire and the regular one?

Generally speaking, we can say that the main difference between the LED industrial luminaire and the regular one is that it counts with high luminous flux enough to light large ares with low energy consumption and also allowing automation. This way, with only a few lighting points – places where the equipment is installed – it is possible to have clarity in the area distributed more uniformly.

Nowadays, there are different models of LED industrial luminaires available in the market, such as the following ones:

  • LED panels;
  • High power LED floodlights;
  • High bay, Mid bay and Low bay LED luminaires;
  • Vapor tight LED luminaires;
  • Linear LED luminaires;
  • LED projectors.

Besides that, the reference luminaire brings benefits so that a company can change its lighting system apart from being a not-so-elevated investmemnt and, in fact, investment return happens in a very short time.

In this sense, SX Lighting has SX Capital, a flexible proposal for companies that are working on Energetic Efficiency Projects, or that have not started it due to lack of capital to invest.

SX Capital features different forms of financing that make sense to your business, including the most complete possible. The savings generated by the LED luminaires, besides covering the installments, also brings positive returns.

Where to implement the LED industrial luminaire?

Many people have doubts about the places where the LED luminaire can be mounted. Howerver, it is possible to have them mounted in many different places, such as:

To opt for industrial LED luminaires for your enterprise, you must elaborate a lighting project to set factors like the exact quantity of luminaires, as well as foreseen results with expenses and maintenance that must be achieved.

What are the advantages of this product?

We know that, in the industry, one of the most relevant expenses is usually the electricity bill. For this reason, most managers wish to reduce this expense. In this sense, the technology used for lighting the areas is an extremely important factor, and picking the LED industrial luminaireis a good way of saving up to 70% of the electricity bill.

Nowadays, industries normally use vapor lamps or the halogen ones. However, even though they do their jobs adequately, their energetic efficiency is smaller, and consequently, there is a higher expense with electricity.

The LED industrial luminaire on the other hand, consumes less energy and is also capable of lighting a larger area, which demands a reduced eletrical load. It also keeps up to 70% more of its rated life, while the other types of lighting are operational in only about 30% of their working time.

Another benefit of the LED industrial luminaire is that, during the process of changing electricity into light, it basically does not heat – which is a relevant factor because it does not cause the area to heat as well, and then, consequently, the company reduces its expenses with cooling..

The LED industrial lighting also features an interval of durabilty which is much higher, up to 4 times more than other technologies in industrial areas. In an industry running 24 hours a day, this question is usually very relevant as part of the production line doesn’t need to be interrupted so that maintenance is performed.

Finally, another LED differential is that it can have different shapes, colors and models available, allowing it to be used in different areas in a safe way, without the risk of accidents. Afterf all, its technology is sustainable, modern and suitable for industries that have excellency as a goal.

Why does the LED industrial luminaire have such positive cost-benefit ratio?

As we’ve seen, the LED industrial luminaire brings along many advantages that allow its positive and elevated cost-benefit ratio than the other ones, such as follows::

  • Longer rated life;
  • Less expenses with maintenance;
  • Higher energetic efficiency;
  • Reduction of expenses with electric energy.

Why is it worthy buying LED industrial luminaires with  SX Lighting?

In order to find materials of quality it is fundamental to rely on renowned manufacturers, like  SX Lighting, once the products that are used directly affect the final result and avoid future problems that can cause unwanted expenses.

According to João Pedro Freire, Marketing Director at SX Lighting, in order to make it possible to choose a good supplier, it is key to consider if the company:

  • Is fully growing, consolidated in the market and offers qualified technical support;
  • Supplies products with the highest technology so as to understand and exceed clients’ expectations;
  • Is guided by a specialized technical team that takes clients’ needs as a first priority.

SX Lighting, besides relying on all the points mentioned, also features the folliwing differentials:

  • Offers international support;
  • Contributes to the development of its market sector;
  • Uses reliable devices, manufactured with topnotch technology;
  • Is present in many different large companies in Brazil and overseas;
  • Is partnered with the best LED and Driver brands in the world;
  • Offers modern products with exclusive design, locally developed with own engineering and certification;
  • ISO 9001: 2015 — we integrate components and found long-term  partnerships with the best cost-benefit that can be offered;
  • Luminaires with exclusive design, tradition and quality that grant a longer rated life for a real energetic efficiency solution.

More than anything, it offers personalized support to its customers and conducted by trained professionals, who are technicians with deep knowledge about the products and their applications, necessary to supply to the different kinds of markets and to grant clients’ satisfaction.

Now that you know every detail about LED industrial luminaires, you may have realized it is a product that is essential for industries. However, remember that it is crucial to have a partner that is qualified and renowned so it is possible to enjoy the benefits we introduced you to.

Are you interested in LED Industrial Luminaires? Contact us to learn more about SX Lighting’s solutions!

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