Luminária led para galpão

Warehouse LED lighting: Learn the details to make the best project

Luminária led para galpão

What to know about LED Warehouse Lighting to get the best out of a lighting project?

Before investing in LED lighting for a warehouse, it is essential to have a coherent lighting project developed for logistics warehouses. This is a document that shows where luminaires will be placed, the power, type of equipment used, the function of each environment, measurement of the ceiling height of each location, and other information. Neglecting this subject can generate extra costs and even hinder the team’s productivity. On the other hand, this investment generates many positive points for the business, such as more safety, better work environment, energy and maintenance savings, among others. Keep reading to delve deeper into the subject!

What are the characteristics of LED lighting for a logistics warehouse?

First, it is interesting to know the specificities of lighting for this business segment. Check them out!


Illuminance is the amount of light that falls on a location, and its average is represented by the letter E. As warehouses are spacious and high facilities, it is important that the luminaire is powerful and wide, allowing the entire location to be illuminated with fewer lighting points – where luminaires should be placed.

Color Reproduction

The more yellowish the light, the warmer the environment becomes. The temperature of light from light sources is measured by Kelvin (K), and warm spectrums usually have between 2,700K to 3,500K. This heat impairs your employees’ performance and can damage some types of goods since they will be exposed to light for a long time. LED luminaires are products capable of avoiding these problems in your business. They emit pure, cool white light, with Kelvin between 5,500K and 6,500K. This is possible because the technology uses electricity to generate light, not needing to use gases and other chemical substances.

Resistance and Economy

Warehouses need to keep their luminaires on for several hours a day or even for 24 hours. Therefore, they must be resistant and have a long lifespan. This issue is also solved with LED luminaires, which have fewer defects and a lifespan that can exceed 50,000 hours (considering they will remain on for days), while fluorescent ones last up to 15,000 hours, for example. Another important fact is that LED is more economical than other light sources, providing energy savings of up to 80% and minimizing maintenance costs.

What is the positive impact of a lighting project and LED luminaires for a logistics warehouse?

A lighting project is made from a study of the environment where luminaires will be placed. This means that the document is prepared according to the specific characteristics and needs of your business. With this project in hand, the warehouse will be able to:

  • Have the best lighting efficiency at the lowest cost, adapting the best solution;
  • Ensure that lighting complies with standards and legislation;
  • Promote greater safety for activities and the movement of people;
  • Make the environment more efficient and more productive.

The manager must avoid defining the location of lighting points freely, as the environment and equipment layout are the factors that determine the best photometric distribution of the project. For example, poorly positioned light is hindered by equipment or can dazzle employees’ vision. Therefore, observing some details is essential for creating a good project, such as:

  • Location of fixed equipment;
  • If there is a constant change in the location of equipment and where they are moved to;
  • The exact location where each employee works and the direction they work in;
  • If a part of the warehouse is filled with goods at certain times of the year, which would impair lighting during high-demand periods, among others.

How to ensure efficient lighting in logistics warehouses?

In addition to having a good lighting project, you need to have some information on the subject to ensure the implementation of efficient lighting. See what they are below.

Learn how to choose good LED luminaires for warehouses

Due to the advantages of LED, it is important that the luminaires have this technology. There are also certain equipment that are ideal for logistics warehouses and similar establishments. They are:

  • High Bay Floodlights;
  • Robust Floodlights;
  • Hermetic Luminaire;
  • Modular High Bay Luminaire;
  • Onboard Luminaire.

Identify lighting points

Lighting points should be installed in strategic locations and can be placed in the structure of the machines themselves. The linear luminaire has a rectangular shape, which makes it cover a larger area in the establishment and, consequently, reduces the number of points needed to keep the place well-lit.

Understand the importance of natural lighting

Using natural light will allow the company to further reduce its costs, since part of the establishment will be covered with sunlight during the day. Another advantage is that the work environment will be more pleasant for employees, which further contributes to the business’s productivity.

Automate the lighting system

There are LED suppliers who, in addition to offering lighting products, also provide indoor automation, providing an additional 15% electricity savings. In practice, a specialized system will control the switches of each luminaire in a way that generates more savings for the business.

For example, the lights will turn on when an employee enters a room, certain luminaires are turned off or have their power reduced when sensors detect natural sunlight, among other possibilities.

Ensure compliance with legislation

The lighting system of an establishment must comply with legal provisions, otherwise, the company may face fines and other problems during inspections by regulatory agencies. Legal barriers can be avoided when the lighting project is developed by a team of competent and experienced professionals in the field.

It is recommended to purchase lighting products, develop the lighting project, and automation service from the same organization, so that you can ensure that all the company’s needs are met.

LED luminaires for logistics warehouses are an exceptionally important subject to ensure the development and survival of the company, but it is crucial to acquire quality LED equipment from a company that performs the lighting project and automation of the lighting system.

The power of the most commonly used LED luminaires in logistics warehouses and industrial lighting are: 150W LED luminaires, 200W LED luminaires, and 400W LED luminaires, following the indications of the lighting project with the characteristics of each area, such as the height of the ceiling, type of activity carried out in the area, and the specifications of ABNT NBR 8995-1 and NR 17 regulations.

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