investir em iluminação LED

Roadway/Street LED lighting: what to consider when choosing the best?

investir em iluminação LED

Roadway/Street LED lighting: what to consider when choosing the best?

Public management is responsible for adopting measures that improve the lives of citizens. The population longs for well-lit cities that are safer for nighttime travel. Public officials can now rely on technologies focused on roadway/street lighting that help with these issues.

In this post, we will talk about the real importance of good roadway/street lighting, as well as highlight the main reasons why it is essential to acquire quality LED public lighting fixtures with good certification. In addition, we will point out the main points that should be considered when choosing the ideal devices and explain details about lifespan, maintenance, and much more.

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What are the reasons to choose LED roadway/street lighting fixtures?

The choice of ideal LED public lighting fixtures should be made during the execution of lighting projects. The decision for cutting-edge devices goes beyond the aesthetic aspects in places with squares, tourist spots, commercial areas, or historical monuments.

Spaces must allow for safe movement of people. LED luminaires allow for the visualization of the colors of landscapes and other attractive environments.

Not to mention the security they provide by increasing the visibility of people who transit through public spaces, facilitating the identification of criminals. The prices of these devices are higher than traditional ones, however, they generate an excellent return.

Conventional bulbs have a reduced lifespan, fail frequently, and need to be replaced every two years or so, requiring constant maintenance. LED luminaires can last up to 10 years without requiring replacement or repairs. As a result, public administration saves resources in the medium and long term, which can be invested in other sectors.

What is the real importance of good roadway/street lighting?

It is essential to acquire quality LED lighting fixtures with good certification to ensure good roadway/street lighting. Management systems, software, and intelligent devices are impacting this segment with very interesting alternatives. New trends are revolutionizing urban centers and making them safer every day.

Remote control and rationing of devices through the Internet are facilitated by telemanagement, with data transfer to a control center. If the technology allows access to the Web, a Wi-Fi can be set up that will be distributed throughout the region. In addition to security cameras transmitting information, there are other benefits, such as:

Saving financial resources; Sustainability and environmental protection; Meeting legal requirements; Reducing maintenance costs; Planned color reproduction.

This technological advance also includes video monitoring, through which it is possible to follow the movement of cars and people in public spaces. There are also resources that optimize the timing of traffic lights, reduce traffic jams, and significantly improve traffic flow. Lighting points can be activated by sensors installed in LED luminaires.

What points should be considered when choosing LED roadway/street lighting fixtures?

Several points need to be taken into account by those who choose LED roadway/street lighting fixtures. Among them, we can mention the warranty period, durability, service and support offered by the supplier, as well as return on investment, lighting project costs, among others.

Check out the most analyzed factors when selecting these devices below!

L70 rated life above 70,000 hours

The guarantee of durability is related to the L70 maintenance index, which corresponds to a rated life of over 70,000 hours of use. Manufacturers provide this information, as they know when the luminous flux depreciation occurs.

Normally, the LED luminaire achieves more than 100,000 hours of perfect operation due to its advanced technology.

Own articulation

The mechanical part of LED luminaires and floodlights has their own fixation and articulation so that the devices offer convenience to users. This is a concern of the manufacturer to meet the needs of customers and be able to work with efficient lighting projects. Items can be adjusted in all directions, up and down.

Easy access to driver and surge protector

The luminaires must function together with the surge protector, which acts to divert the disorderly energy current and prevent the burning of electronic devices. It is a protection device that protects equipment from electric discharges sent to the grounding system. As a result, the items do not receive more overvoltage than they can handle.

There are three classes of surge protectors on the market, with different installation procedures that must be performed by specialized professionals. Class I protects the electrical system from atmospheric discharges. Class II acts against residual voltages or those induced by the installation. Class III prevents voltages that arise from installations.

Access to the driver is essential because it provides power, voltage, and current parameters for LED devices. There is a common driver for the On/Off commands of the luminaires and a more advanced driver that allows LED lighting dimming. They are essential items for the enablement of the telegestion system.

IP 66 protection rating

The IP 66 protection rating ensures that the device is efficient against weather and rain conditions. Thus, LED equipment is applicable in outdoor areas, regardless of weather conditions. They are impact-resistant and have a five-year warranty, according to ABNT NBR IEC 60529:2017 standards.

Choosing luminaires according to standards and regulations

Standards and regulations impose LED luminaire performance and safety requirements. The standard presents requirements on photometric characteristics, uniformity index, luminosity distribution, energy efficiency, among others.

The provisions must be complied with by public and private companies to avoid losses and disruptions with inspection.

Now you know what to consider when choosing the best LED public luminaire! Count on the support of a company specialized in LED lighting solutions to choose the ideal equipment for your project. SX Lighting offers consulting service, quality products, and the best cost-benefit ratio on the market.

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