iluminação para indústria agropecuária

Learn how to choose the best lighting for the agricultural industry

iluminação para indústria agropecuária

Learn how to choose the best lighting for agriculture industry

The lighting in some environments may be easier than implementing a lighting project for the agricultural industry. There are varied possibilities for this segment and that is why there are several doubts. The characteristics of the environments also change, but it is possible to find relevant tips to have the ideal and efficient luminosity in these places.

In this article, we will talk about the real importance of lighting for the agriculture industry and how it can impact daily life and the results of this industrial sector. On the other hand, we will explain why the luminosity part is essential for companies and what to consider when choosing the best solutions.

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Understand the importance of lighting for the agriculture industry

The importance of lighting for the agriculture industry is related to the impacts on daily life and the results of this industrial sector. Light is very useful to enable the accomplishment of tasks and to help with larger and more complex problems of economic origin. Artificial clarity, when used improperly, can cause damage.

Lighting affects the production of food that serves to sustain the population of the whole world. The development of LED technologies is creating several differentiated solutions for agriculture and livestock. Technological advancement speeds up cultivation and improves product distribution without interfering with quality. With it, new ways to explore this sector are emerging and several benefits:

  • Improves production;
  • Raises quality;
  • Reduces energy consumption;
  • Prevents environmental aggression;
  • Increases business profitability.

The use of artificial lighting in agriculture is not something new. However, before the use of LED, the use was less advantageous due to high energy consumption and the power consumed by emitted flow or low efficiency. In addition, the emission of heat, the lack of control of the light spectra, the burning and breaking of equipment made the system less attractive to producers.

Check out why the lighting part is essential for this segment

LED luminaires are used in several plantations to supplement natural light and triple results compared to the conventional system. The technology helps to increase the number of crops and also reduce spaces when plants are grown in warehouses or urban centers. Cold lights decrease the need to condition the air.

Several producers develop their production in closed and controlled environments with the use of LED devices, which are inserted in a project that guarantees the annual uniform growth of crops. Some plants, such as lettuce, for example, have superior quality when grown in this way. They do not suffer from weather conditions and climatic variation.

LED lighting is also interesting for poultry farming. In laying or cutting poultry farming, artificial systems benefit animal performance. Brightness interferes with reproduction, inducing them to lay eggs even if the temperature is below zero degrees. Laying hens, broiler chickens, and breeders are results of genetics and interaction with the environment.

See what to consider when choosing the best solutions

As you can see, lighting is essential for agricultural industries, and it is necessary to know what to consider when choosing the best solutions. One of the most important points is the guarantee of products, which can vary from 5 to 10 years. Another factor is the efficiency of the technology, as the LED luminaire emits an ideal amount of specific light for each area.

Safety is another aspect derived from high-quality components that prevent risks of fires caused by overheating. Moreover, the comfort that LED devices produce is a feature that should be considered, as well as cost reduction. Consider the color temperature, power, installation area, and technological innovations.

Check out the main tips on how to choose the best lighting

Agricultural industries have different priorities. The inspection locations, machines and equipment, circulation areas, ceiling, floor, walls, etc., should be evaluated. Accurate lighting directly influences workers’ well-being and productivity. Check out the tips below that will help you make your choices!

Observe the rated life of bulbs

The lifespan of LED luminaires is extended, guaranteeing equipment savings, better production, less maintenance costs, and lower labor costs. This type of technology has high durability and can function normally for 10 years without the need for replacement. Therefore, it is worth investing in reliable and high-quality products.

Have a lighting project

A lighting project is ideal for agricultural industries to have high profits in the medium and long term. Rely on a specialized professional with experience in industrial systems. A designer will prepare the necessary calculations and assemble the appropriate, efficient, and economical electrical structure for each activity.

Consider the space requirements

It is essential to analyze the environment’s needs to ensure excellent lighting. The lighting specialist evaluates the purpose of each environment, observes obstructions and interferences, strives for uniformity of light, and eliminates shadows. According to the space, he will define whether brightness should be directed or wider.

Install emergency bulbs

Emergency bulbs help when there is a lack of electricity in enclosed and unlit environments. If there is a power outage, sensors activate these devices to keep the areas illuminated. Solutions with the appropriate spectrum make crops and livestock more profitable for producers.

Pay attention to regulations

Pay attention to the regulatory standards that define acceptable levels of brightness. At the time of installation, the designer will follow current regulations related to industrial lighting in agriculture. Various legal problems can be avoided, and an excellent cost-benefit will be achieved.

Seek quality light

Quality of light should be a priority for those looking to find the ideal spectrum for plants or animals. Greenhouses, for example, can have their environment heated too much and lead to plant burnout if LED luminaires are not used. For this reason, it is essential to analyze the height and even distribution of light.

Consider economy and efficiency

Economy and efficiency result from the lighting project developed by the specialized professional. It will provide savings and efficiency, in addition to avoiding future unexpected expenses with other devices. LED devices help in sustainable consumption to protect the environment.

Finally, now you know how to choose the best lighting for the agricultural industry! Take the necessary care when choosing a planning for the agricultural industry and when acquiring the best LED lighting solutions. SX Lighting offers the best lighting projects and indispensable equipment for its customers.

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