Luminárias para galpão industrial

The best industrial warehouse lighting fixtures

Luminárias para galpão industrial

Discover the best industrial warehouse lighting fixtures from SX Lighting

Industrial warehouse lighting fixtures require a lot of attention. Industrial warehouses can generate high energy costs since most of them do not have natural lighting. However, these places need adequate lighting for efficient work activities and to prevent workplace accidents.

Therefore, choosing the right lighting fixture for industrial warehouses can be a challenge for managers. In this post, we will discuss the main LED options offered by SX Lighting. In addition, we will present the most commonly used items, describe their characteristics, functionalities, power diversity, and more.

Do you want to discover for which types of lighting projects and spaces they are suitable? Keep reading and stay tuned!

The main types of lighting fixtures for industrial warehouses

Industries perform different operations, depending on their business sector. Therefore, the acquisition of items varies according to the needs of each segment.

According to João Pedro Freire, a lighting engineer specialist from SX Lighting, there are several types of lighting fixtures for industrial warehouses. The main market alternatives are:

  • High Bay Reflector – 49W, 95W, 145W, 185W, and 238W;
  • Super Robust Projector – 35W, 55W, 110W, 165W, 220W, 330W, 430W, 485W, 640W, 860W, 1000W;
  • High Bay Linear LED Fixture – 60W, 100W, 132W;
  • Industrial Onboard Fixture – 100W and 150W;
  • Vapor Tight Fixture – 18W, 36W, 48W.

Choosing the ideal product requires a bit of knowledge from professionals, as each area has its peculiarities. Some use heavy machinery, while others perform tasks in environments that involve vibration, humidity, dust, temperature variation, among other relevant factors.

For these reasons, before starting your lighting project, it is worth checking the characteristics of the available equipment and the best lighting fixtures for industrial warehouses:

Vapor Tight LED Fixture

The surface-mounted vapor tight fixture is made with IP65 polycarbonate, so it is an ideal option for lighting industries or businesses that generate and concentrate moisture and vapor. It is also essential for places that require components to be protected against external agents. Observe the characteristics of this product:

  • Impact resistance IK08;
  • High thermal dissipation technology;
  • Optional 1-10v and DALI dimming;
  • Luminous efficacy of 146 lm/W;
  • IP65 protection degree.

In addition, the devices come with built-in LED driver and board, and protection against short circuit, overvoltage, overcurrent, and overheating. The alternative is suitable for industries, logistics warehouses, warehouses, ports, airports, courts, gyms, tunnels, parking lots, industrial kitchens, refrigerators, and garages.

Industrial LED Onboard Fixture

The industrial LED onboard fixtures are built to withstand adverse conditions and have the best cost-benefit ratio, which can reach up to 10 years of constant use. They were designed with technological optimization and focus on economy, practicality, and, above all, quality. Analyze the aspects of the items:

  • Luminous efficacy of 135 lm/W;
  • IP66 protection degree;
  • Optional 1-10v or DALI dimming;
  • Impact resistance IK08;
  • Exclusive naval aluminum alloy;
  • Lifespan of 100,000 hours.

These fixtures have electrostatic painting with UV protection, Philips and OSRAM drivers, are easy to install, and have an exclusive SX Lighting design. They are available in the following wattages: 35W, 70W, 105W, 140W, 175W, and 210W.

The devices can be applied in industries, logistic warehouses, warehouses, ports, airports, courts, gyms, tunnels, and parking lots.

High Bay LED Industrial Floodlight

Technology is advancing every day and allows the creation of increasingly efficient reflector models to illuminate indoor and outdoor areas. They produce the best results with a high degree of protection (IP) and are environmentally friendly, as they are made considering sustainability.

Check the peculiarities of these floodlights:

  • Energy efficiency 135 lm/W;
  • 5-year warranty;
  • IP66; 100,000-hour lifespan;
  • Impact resistance IK08;
  • Incorporated surge protector;
  • Optional 1-10v and DALI dimming.

Made with the exclusive naval aluminum alloy, they are easily installed and have a Philips driver. Reflectors are found in powers from 50W up to 250W. Widely used in industries, logistic warehouses, ports, airports, courts, facades, squares, parks, and tunnels.

Industrial LED Modular High Bay Spotlight

The Modular High Bay Super Reflector is perfect for inclusion in lighting projects that generate a return on investment in the medium and long term. They are robust and impact-resistant items, have a 5-year warranty, but last up to twice that time. Their main particularities that differentiate them from others are:

  • High power;
  • Energy efficiency 162 lm/W;
  • IP66;
  • Lifespan of 100,000 hours;
  • Powers 330w, 400w, 500w, 660w, 750w, 990w;
  • Impact resistance IK08.

With an incorporated surge protector, Philips driver, 1-10v and DALI optional dimming, super reflectors are very practical to install. The material used in their manufacture is the naval aluminum alloy, and the devices are ideal for soccer fields, open parking lots, outdoor areas and patios, ports, and airports.

Advantages and differentials of SX Lighting’s industrial warehouse luminaires

SX Lighting luminaires are manufactured with modern and exclusive design. They have superior performance compared to other products on the market, as well as energy efficiency and Philips technology.

For this reason, they are inserted into industrial lighting projects that are planned with the realization of lighting calculations. When choosing devices, consider the location to be applied, the size of the space, the height, what is produced in the environment, which can be internal or external, and the opening angle of the luminaire.

Specialized professionals analyze the height of the location and how the installation can be done – whether in plasterboard, directly on the slab, or in profiled sheets.

Before industrial warehouse luminaires leave the factory, they undergo several internal testing processes carried out by the company’s quality department. SX Lighting currently has one of the most complete quality and reliability testing laboratories in the country. Therefore, after being installed, they increase productivity by offering visual comfort to workers.

Now that you are convinced that SX Lighting will provide you with the best lighting for your industrial warehouse, click here and request assistance from our specialists.

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