Os principais pontos na norma de iluminação para portos

Main points on lighting regulations for ports

Os principais pontos na norma de iluminação para portos

Main points on lighting regulations for ports

Lighting is a crucial factor in port projects as it ensures agility and safety. Imagine maneuvering a container that weighs over 20 tons through a crane; it’s a complicated activity that can only be performed by a qualified professional with precision and technique to handle the load correctly.

Inefficient clarity in the port area makes port activities even more difficult. Therefore, high-quality lighting is essential for this sector. This post covers the lighting regulations for ports, NBR-10864, and the importance of complying with port lighting legal requirements to ensure efficient task execution. Do you want to understand how to guarantee efficiency in port operations? Keep reading!

The importance of port projects

According to João Pedro, lighting specialist at SX Lighting, the port project is indispensable for legal compliance with port lighting. However, there are other advantages to consider when selecting equipment and devices for use in port operations.

Besides the ideal lighting system being designed to comply with local regulations, the benefits for those who choose to implement it are enormous. These benefits include energy savings due to the use of LED lights and environmental preservation, as luminaires and reflectors do not emit harmful gases.

It is worth noting that lighting uniformity in ports is a factor that project designers consider, given that high towers require devices with light beams ranging from 12º to 60º. LED luminaires and reflectors provide uniform lighting on piers, platforms, container storage areas, and ship docking areas.

The norms that replaced NBR-10864

NBR-10864:1989 was the lighting standard for ports, which established the luminosity conditions for port areas. However, it was canceled and has not been used by the industry since 2011. Currently, the requirements of NR-29 are observed, which deals with occupational safety and health in port work, where the lighting of the entire operating area must be adequate, adopting measures to prevent collisions and/or accidents, in conjunction with NBR-8995-1:2013.

The basis for the design of a lighting project are the regulatory norms of the port activity. Due to the specific characteristics of each location and various factors involved, it is necessary for the specialized professional to propose effective high-performance solutions.

Compliance with the legal requirements set out in the norms enables the application of best practices and overcoming challenges. Basic technical specifications must be part of the project, as well as meeting various criteria, for example: minimum illuminance levels in complex areas that cannot be less than 50 lux. However, the precision in the choice of equipment is fundamental.

The project determines the number of luminaires, projectors and reflectors that should be adopted and other devices to be used in a particular location. But the biggest challenge is proposing an efficient solution, with power that provides energy savings and meets regulatory norms.

Advantages of LED lighting

The port area is a vast space that encompasses sectors with different aspects. Consequently, a lighting project with the appropriate amount of devices can be the solution to meet the lighting conditions required by the aforementioned norms. LED lighting has proven to be the best alternative for ports, as it is highly advantageous.

Designers calculate lighting and select the most suitable luminaires for the port project. LED devices manufactured to meet the needs of the port are the most used, as they present the following advantages:

  • Excellent cost-benefit ratio;
  • Greater durability;
  • More energy efficiency;
  • Excellent lighting.

One of the biggest benefits of investing in LED devices is that they have a high service life when compared to common bulbs. They generate over 85% energy savings, have higher energy efficiency, come with a 5-year warranty and last up to 10 years without requiring constant replacements.

The lighting project requires fewer items to achieve the ideal degree of clarity, as well as promoting the reduction of preventive and corrective maintenance expenses. Therefore, it can be said that LED devices are the most suitable for port projects for being effective and generating return on investments. LED luminaires are designed and manufactured with state-of-the-art technology to work in an integrated manner, benefiting managers and employees.

The relevance of modernizing systems

Port lighting systems must be modernized in accordance with the points of NR-29 and NBR-8995-1. The first steps of an LED lighting project for port areas need to be taken in this direction. Among several provisions and technical requirements, these laws bring the minimum illuminance determinations for the areas.

In addition, the high installation and rework costs that are quite common in these areas make the lighting project essential to achieve the objectives of the administrators. A modern project for ports contributes to national and international competitiveness by offering perfect conditions for the movement and storage of various types of cargo.

With the lighting project, the designer ensures compliance with national and international Safety and Work norms, coverage of all facilities and streets of the seaport, such as docks, parking, silos, pier, patios, among others. As a result, the entire work process, which usually takes place 24 hours a day, is carried out with organization, safety, agility, etc.

SX Lighting can help with port lighting, as they work with lighting projects designed according to the standard for ports. The company specializes in supplying particular products for maritime installations. The devices offered have protection against impacts and anti-vibration supports, are weather-resistant, resistant to material corrosion by sea spray, and to winds.

Would you like more information on lighting projects for ports? Contact us and receive great service!

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