o que é luminária led

What is an LED luminaire?

o que é luminária led

Do you want to know what an LED luminaire is? Learn about its main differentials and benefits:

Knowing what an LED luminaire is and its differentials makes all the difference when acquiring quality products for your lighting project. Since it became widely used, after the Industrial Revolution period, lighting has become an indispensable element for human life. Both to improve work and for projects such as warehouses or public lighting, for example.

From incandescent bulbs, we have evolved to fluorescent, mercury vapor to mixed vapor or sodium vapor, until we reached the LED luminaire, which is currently used. In this post, we will discuss the advantages of LED luminaires compared to conventional lamps.

Here, you will discover what an LED luminaire is, what its differences are when compared to common lamps, whether they are suitable for companies, etc. Want to learn more about the subject? Follow along!

What is an LED luminaire?

LED luminaires are those that use crystals, made to replace the already outdated and inefficient mixed vapor, mercury vapor, metal vapor, and sodium vapor lamps. But after all, what is LED?

It is the acronym for Light Emitting Diode, which is an electronic component that ensures good lighting but with low energy consumption. Unlike sodium and mercury vapor lamps, LED luminaires do not require a ballast.

They can generate a luminous flux of equal or greater intensity than common lamps, even while using much less energy. LED luminaires do not have a filament, which means they do not produce as much heat as conventional lamps.

This, in turn, ensures greater durability for the luminaire. Thus, the illumination is generated from an LED plate located inside its optical module.

Initially, LED luminaires timidly entered the market. Their initial high cost scared off customers, despite offering good cost-benefit. They gained space, first, in the Asian, European, and American markets.

However, with the improvement of the technique, it was possible to obtain an extremely attractive and competitive price. Together with the information that arrived about its economic character, the national customer embraced the product – currently being the favorite for lighting.

What are the main differences between LED luminaires and common lamps?

Investing in LED luminaires reflects good benefits. Compared to conventional lamps, it is possible to identify the differentiation factors more prominently.


The durability of LED is much greater than that of conventional lamps, a fact that is due to the mode of manufacturing and operation. So, those who have lived with sodium, metallic, and mixed vapor lamps for a long time know that replacements are constant.

On the other hand, it is estimated that the LED luminaire can last for more than a decade without needing repairs. This prolonged useful life increases the product’s economy and contributes to sustainability, issues that will be addressed further.


As LED gained market share in the country, several models of lamps and luminaires were created, so that there is an ideal one for each style and environment. Luminaires for roads, recessed, surface-mounted, industrial, LED strips for decoration, lamps of various colors for residences and architectural projects, and LED reflectors: there is an option available for each case.


Savings are always a point to be highlighted among the advantages of LED luminaires. It is not only due to the durability of the product, but also because it helps reduce energy bills.

There are studies showing that the use of LED luminaires contributes to reducing the energy consumption of lamps by up to 80%. If you are in doubt about the economy, a tip is to consult the tests (carried out in a laboratory with INMETRO seal) LM-79 of the luminaires, to verify the product’s performance.


Another positive point concerns luminosity. This product can distribute an intense light beam with low energy consumption. This makes LED luminaires ideal for workplaces such as production lines, logistics warehouses, and streets.

It is worth noting that professional environments require good lighting to meet the level required by NR 17 (Regulatory Standard – Labor) and NBR 8995-1 (Lighting Standard for Work Environments). So, by opting for LED lamps, you will also save your health and that of others in the long run.


This is a very important issue. LED luminaires are sustainable for several reasons, such as:

The disposal is less, since the replacement of luminaires is less frequent. This reduces the amount of waste produced; Also, because it lasts longer, the need for energy production through polluting raw materials such as coal and oil is reduced; It helps control pollution, as there will be less contaminating material in the waste.

Not emitting infrared or ultraviolet rays

Another point where the user’s health comes into question. LED lamps and luminaires do not transmit infrared and ultraviolet rays, which are harmful to human health. Especially when we are exposed to them for a long period of time.

Low heat generation

As we have already mentioned, due to their mode of operation and manufacturing, LED lamps and luminaires generate less heat than conventional lamps. This increases the well-being of users in the environments where lighting is inserted, as well as reducing the need for mechanical cooling, which makes electricity consumption lower.

Is it worth adopting LED luminaires in my company?

Yes, and you are missing out on saving money while not making the switch. Additionally, you are exposing your health and harming the environment.

To make the best choice, it’s worth requesting the assistance of specialized companies or even relying on the advice of professionals. That way, you will ensure greater lighting and energy efficiency in your business.

LED luminaires have long ceased to be a product that would only become profitable in the future. Its energy savings and durability make its acquisition, in addition to ensuring the adequate level of lighting for environments and buildings, also ensure energy and economic efficiency in the energy bill.

For which corporate environments are LED luminaires most suitable?

Lighting projects are highly efficient in providing adequate brightness to users, as they place light points in strategic places. LED luminaires are suitable for a variety of corporate environments.

It’s worth noting that they can be integrated into control and automation systems, further reducing electricity consumption. See below for the places that benefit from this technology!


For offices, LED luminaires offer adequate brightness, uniformity, and energy efficiency, as it is a workplace. They are indicated for this type of environment as a replacement for conventional fluorescents. No changes need to be made to physical installations for offices or meeting rooms.

Adequate brightness contributes to the activities performed in offices, as long as excessive brightness is avoided to reduce visual fatigue and not cause discomfort to employees. Certain areas require less brightness, depending on the configuration of the spaces and how they will be used.


The lighting of clinics and waiting rooms should produce comfort for patients who come to these places to treat their health. In these environments, decorative luminaires can be used, with different light tones, and LED strips, to improve visual communication.

Brightness needs to be functional and assist the work of the healthcare professional during procedures.


Industrial lighting requires more practicality and efficiency in its installations. Clarity and amplitude are essential for the safety of employees, so the use of LED luminaires, being durable and economical, is indicated.

As it does not propagate infrared and ultraviolet rays, all users remain healthy, not to mention that production and storage are not affected.


Warehouses require intensity and uniformity of lighting so that there are no shadow spaces. LED luminaires in large spaces are perfectly installed if they are part of a lighting project.

After all, during its elaboration, the entire area is analyzed with the objective of choosing the ideal equipment. Some LED projectors are perfect for installations that are higher or lower than 12 meters.

Distribution centers

Distribution centers and warehouses are very important spaces for various businesses, and many operations depend on them for their success. The items displayed in these environments need to be accessible and visible to ensure the quality of logistical processes.

LED lighting is advisable because it is innovative, economical, and beneficial to employees.

How to choose the ideal LED luminaire for the company?

The ideal luminaire for corporate environments is one that presents excellent performance and energy efficiency. To know exactly which will be the perfect model for your company, it is important to rely on a lighting project that guarantees consumption savings, compliance with current technical standards, and safety in the workplace.

Observe some indispensable tips!

Establish lighting goals

Before installing LED luminaires, the professional checks the goals of the installation, to choose the equipment that will offer more comfort to the environment. Some are more powerful and excellent for larger locations.

Others fit perfectly in smaller environments. If the goal of brightness is to provide clarity and eliminate shadow spaces, there are specific projects for this purpose.

Analyze the size of the space

The size of the space to be illuminated affects the choice of luminaires. The physical structures include rooms, openings, corners, hidden areas, and other details.

Therefore, it is crucial to take the total measurement of the space. Then, simply make the correct calculations to know the amount of watts needed to provide appropriate brightness to the location.

Check the origin of the luminaire

The origin of the LED influences the product’s durability and the quality of its brightness. For this reason, it is advised to conduct research before purchasing an LED luminaire. If the product’s origin is reliable, the lifespan is high, and it can last up to ten years without requiring maintenance.

Observe the warranty

Another factor that deserves attention is the warranty period of the luminaires and reflectors. When purchasing imported products, keep in mind that if there is a defect in the equipment, the company will take much longer to resolve the issue.

This is because the import and export processes are very bureaucratic. The delivery time is also more extended compared to domestic materials.

Check the specifications

Also, observe issues related to lifespan, price, color temperature, credibility, quality, and power. LED technology presents high power to illuminate environments, which is why it is not chosen like the others.

The luminaires are incomparable, with luminous flux that sets them apart from traditional bulbs. This attribute influences the amount of light emitted and is measured by the unit called lumen.

Take safety into consideration

In the last decades, crime has grown rapidly, causing fear and insecurity in society. LED luminaires were also created to increase security and are produced with excellent quality components to provide greater visibility.

In addition, they prevent dangers from the overheating of the lighting, avoiding fires and other accidents in corporate environments.

A lighting design project is the best solution to generate savings and still obtain return on investment in the short, medium, and long term. It is developed by specialized professionals who evaluate spaces, the amount of light needed, and calculate the level of brightness to promote the visual comfort of users.

Those responsible for installing the equipment distribute the light points while observing the colors of the floor and walls, the function of the environment, the size of the space, the power factor of the luminaires and reflectors, and other aspects that make a difference. Thus, they provide sufficient lighting for the execution of a wide range of business activities.

Now, you already know the main advantages of this type of lighting! If you still do not have this cutting-edge technology, it’s time to adopt this element and join the wave of LED luminaire consumers! Look for good suppliers to invest your money and request a calculation to verify how long the luminaires will take to start generating profits!

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