manutenção preventiva na iluminação industrial

How preventive maintenance of lighting in industry contributes to cash flow

manutenção preventiva na iluminação industrial

Industrial maintenance planning and financial health, understand how they are related”

An industrial lighting project demands a lot of time and analysis to make the best choices. These projects in the industry sector cause many doubts, as the characteristics and specificities of the environment to which they are intended can vary greatly. However, all of this must be taken into account when installing this type of lighting, as well as having an exact understanding of the importance of preventive maintenance.

There are several options for industrial lighting in the market, such as metal vapor lamps, LED lighting, industrial luminaires, among others. Of all these, undoubtedly LED luminaires are the most suitable for this sector, either due to the factor of economy, or due to issues of lighting efficiency.

In industrial lighting, do you want to know the importance of investing in the correct preventive maintenance of this system? We have prepared this article for you, check it out now:

Importance of industrial lighting

An inefficient lighting system can be quite costly for the industrial sector during its activities, since there will be higher energy consumption and greater maintenance and replacement quantities over time.

However, this is more common in companies that use traditional lighting systems such as mercury, sodium or even fluorescent lamps, making the bill at the end of the month quite high. The use of industrial LED lighting, in contrast, uses semiconductors for light emission, thus reducing energy consumption when compared to other methods.

A well-structured lighting system can significantly reduce the frequency of accidents, thanks to its greater efficiency and quality of lighting, as well as accidents related to operations, maintenance, and repair of industrial lighting tools.

Thus, it is essential that the industrial sector has correct lighting, in order to reduce costs, optimize its production and reduce the periodic maintenance that occurs in these environments.

Preventive maintenance in industrial lighting

In industrial lighting, preventive maintenance is very important as a precautionary measure for installations, as well as for the development of all operations that occur in an industrial environment, as it prevents machinery from wearing out before the end of its useful life.

Thus, constant monitoring of the industrial lighting system is necessary to make repairs to allow the industry to continue operating as efficiently as possible. Furthermore, this electrical system monitoring is important to find and fix small defects before they become a major problem for the company.

With this, equipment maintenance is performed and verification of breakers, panels, luminaires, wiring, and other fundamental items, allowing the company’s equipment to become safe during its use.

Frequency for preventive maintenance

When it comes to industrial lighting, it is not easy to establish a correct frequency for performing preventive maintenance. All of this will depend on which material was used for lighting, such as luminaire models or type of installation.

In the industrial sector, for example, electrical maintenance must be constant, since correct machinery operation is fundamental for production, and electrical failures can cause major losses.

Large companies have trained teams to perform this maintenance. This happens practically in real-time, verifying each luminaire, its performance, and possible faults that may occur.

Types of maintenance

There are three basic categories of electrical maintenance: predictive, corrective, and preventive. Each one aims at a unique objective and is used to meet certain demands. Check out a little more about each model.

Preventive maintenance

This type of maintenance is carried out with the goal of reducing the possibilities of problems in any component and preventing the degradation of installations. Normally, it is an assistance that is already prepared and programmed before any failure can occur. We are talking about preventive work, where its purpose is to ensure that there is no damage to the industrial lighting project.

Preventive maintenance is the responsibility of qualified individuals who conduct a review of the industrial lighting system during its operation, considering the manufacturer’s or supplier’s recommendations. Tests are carried out during the inspection to obtain feedback on the brightness of the area. These activities are supported by records of previous problems.

Predictive maintenance aims to provide a broader methodology for reviewing and analyzing the performance of industrial lighting. It focuses on the data presented by the equipment itself, according to the level of degradation or wear of its components, to make the most of the entire electrical installation system. This method takes into account the lifespan of the items that make up the lighting project and requires careful monitoring of the equipment’s performance, allowing for a systematic review of the lighting system components.

In corrective maintenance, items that present problems or deteriorate during operation are replaced. It is carried out in emergency situations after damage has occurred in the lighting system, requiring a halt to industrial activities and reducing productivity. It is important to avoid this type of maintenance, as problems in the equipment can result in unfavorable working conditions. Repairs need to be performed quickly to prevent further damage to the industry.

Therefore, preventive maintenance in industrial lighting is crucial to avoiding setbacks and not harming business operations. It is also responsible for greater cost savings and ensures that the industry does not stop due to a lack of lighting in its employees’ work area.

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