Projeto Luminotécnico e seus benefícios!

Lighting project and its benefits

Projeto Luminotécnico e seus benefícios!

Lighting Project: Learn more about the subject!

Understanding how to ensure a consistent lighting project is essential for the quality of any environment. Contrary to what many people think, this care is not exclusive to a specific scenario, be it industrial, public, sports courts, or corporate environments.

Having a lighting project is relevant in all environments, even for residences. It can ensure benefits such as energy efficiency, energy savings, use of the environment and natural light, among others.

If you are interested in the subject and want to know relevant information about the lighting project and its importance in all environments, continue reading this article, as we will present all the details. Don’t miss it!

What is a lighting project?

The lighting project is the planning of the lighting of an environment so that it becomes more functional and uses natural lighting resources, appropriate luminaires, and combined automation. Through adequate and functional planning, it is possible to build a well-lit place according to the needs of each space, and that aims to save energy.

Thus, the lighting project is, in practice, the combination of the function and purpose of a space so that the lighting is in harmony with these factors. For its creation, different factors must be considered.

For example, whether or not there is natural light, and other aspects of lighting, as there are different types, such as indirect, direct, and diffuse. Each of them can be used depending on the objective, such as making the place more comfortable or using it to highlight details, depending on the function of the space.

Another factor that should be taken into consideration when creating a lighting project is the types of luminaires that should be used. A project for an indoor environment depends mainly on the function of the space, as well as the number of hours that individuals intend to spend in the location.

In outdoor locations, on the other hand, it is likely that more than one type of lighting will be used, especially in larger spaces. In addition, it is possible to use direct light in parts that need more lighting and, in other places, a more comfortable light for the eyes.

What is the importance of this strategy?

The lighting project is important so that light can be used in different ways, considering each type of architecture. This is the case, for example, of a sports architecture that requires the incidence of more direct light.

Residential lighting should be completely different and prioritize visual comfort in most environments. For this reason, the importance of a professional capable of identifying the needs of each location is justified.

It is worth noting that a lighting project is not only restricted to choosing the best use for a luminaire but rather, thinking about the intentional use of light, so that the environment becomes more pleasant, safe, beautiful, and efficient. There are different benefits that a lighting project grants to an environment, such as:

  • creation of different scenarios for the same environment;
  • energy efficiency;
  • use of efficient and less expensive or polluting solutions;
  • energy savings;
  • better use of light or offering the ideal solution in its absence;
  • customization of environments.

On the other hand, we can also mention the damages caused by the absence of a lighting  project, especially for the industry and retail sector:

  • possible work accidents;
  • higher energy costs;
  • electrical system failure;
  • more frequent lighting changes, as depending on the chosen luminaire, it may not have an adequate lifespan.

What are the norms that a lighting project must comply with?

There are several norms that must be respected during the development of a lighting project. This includes the NBR 8995-1 norm for work environments, specifically indoor locations, with some exceptions for outdoor environments. This standard provides advanced calculations to verify comfort and safety with regards to lighting.

There is also the ABNT NBR-8837, which determines the artificial lighting of sports areas carried out in both indoor and outdoor locations. The ABNT 5101 standard, on the other hand, is specific to public lighting.

What is SX Lighting’s role in a lighting project?

According to experts at SX Lighting, the company has six stages for the conception of a lighting project. They are:

  • Understanding the client’s needs;
  • Assembly of the pre-diagnosis;
  • Identification of demand;
  • Evaluation of the most critical area, done by the engineering team;
  • Analysis of the architecture;
  • Consolidation of the lighting project.

In addition, SX Lighting also offers lighting solutions and services for industries and the retail sector. These include automation services and high-tech products, in partnership with Philips, which have low cost and maintenance.

There is also SX Capital, which offers various financing options. In this case, the energy savings generated by the use of LED luminaires in a company not only covers the installment payments, but also generates a positive return.

They also offer Turn Key projects, where SX Lighting helps manage all stages, from the removal of current luminaires, to disposal in appropriate locations in accordance with environmental legislation, executive projects, installation of current luminaires, among other services depending on the client’s needs.

Finally, they offer solutions for remote management, for outdoor connectivity. Accessories integrated into a public LED luminaire make it possible to manage all lighting points in a municipality through the same computer, ensuring the efficiency of the lighting.

Now that you know all the details about a lighting project, remember that not having this tool can generate various harms. Among them, we can mention high energy costs or even electrical faults, which is why it is essential to rely on the energy solutions presented by SX Lighting.

If you want to learn more about the topic or carry out a lighting project, contact us and see how we can help you!

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