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Industrial LED floodlight: what you need to know about it?

Projetor LED industrial

Industrial LED floodlights: what you need to know about it?

Knowing what an industrial LED floodlight is, how it works, and what its advantages are is important for any professional working with lighting, whether in industry or the public sector. There are different types available for purchase in the market.

When the manager or professional makes the appropriate choice, they can achieve their goals of reducing energy costs, increasing the efficiency of the lighting system, improving safety, and more. Want to know more about the subject? Check out the reading!

What is the difference between common LED floodlights and industrial ones?

First, it is interesting to know the other types of technologies that are normally applied in floodlights and to understand how light is generated in each of them:

  • Incandescent – the oldest model, whose bulb is made with a tungsten filament, which needs heat to generate light;
  • Halogen – the most efficient version of incandescents, in which the difference is that it has a halogen element and tungsten filament contained in an inert gas;
  • Fluorescent – works based on low-pressure mercury vapor;
  • High-pressure discharge lamp – also called HID (Metal Vapor, Sodium, and Mercury), there are electrodes and gases that emit light when receiving electrical discharge.

Currently, these technologies are considered outdated, since LED floodlights generate light from electricity and through the light-emitting diode (LED), a more modern process called electroluminescence.

What is an industrial LED floodlight used for?

Light floodlights, in general, are widely used in industrial environments (such as factories and warehouses), ports, airports, and public and outdoor spaces, such as parks, courts, tunnels, highways, bike paths, and walkways.

They are installed in large facilities or spacious locations because they have enough power to illuminate a large space. With them, it is possible to ensure clarity throughout the environment with few lighting points – locations where the equipment is placed.

What are the advantages of the LED floodlight?

There are still many professionals who acquire floodlights with halogen or discharge lamps. But LED is widely preferred by any manager or public servant responsible for lighting, with more in-depth knowledge about the area. This is due to the wide benefits guaranteed by this innovation. Understand what the main advantages are in the following topics.

Reduced energy consumption

Lower energy consumption is one of the main advantages of the technology, which is possible because it uses electrical energy as a light source. LED floodlights and luminaires are about 80% more economical than incandescent bulbs and 30% compared to fluorescent bulbs.

You can still get another 15% savings by installing an automation system, which consists of integration with the electrical network, sensor deployment, and automatic control of floodlight activation.

For example, when the system detects movement or the approach of people, the lights will automatically turn on. It is also possible for them to be automatically turned off when sunlight is detected.

Better temperature resistance

LED devices have high resistance to weather conditions, such as strong sunlight, rain, wind, and drastic temperature changes. This is a fundamental quality for good floodlights since they are installed in outdoor areas, making them exposed to sunlight and weather phenomena.

This type of device will also be more advantageous for organizations where there may be high temperatures on their ceiling. In chemical industries, for example, it is possible for the vapor emitted by chemicals to reach the locations where projectors are installed.

Longer lifespan

The LED lifespan, which exceeds 100,000 hours, is exceptionally longer than other types of light. For example, incandescent lights have a lifespan of only 1,000 hours, while fluorescent lights last up to 15,000 hours.

Lower maintenance cost

The frequency required to replace floodlight or lamps varies depending on their type, but maintenance concerns are minimized when choosing LED lighting. This is because LED lights have a longer lifespan and are more durable.

As if that weren’t enough, LED lights have less interference on the electrical network, which causes fewer problems for the electrical system overall. You will notice fewer occurrences of faults, undervoltages (voltage drops), spikes, surges, and other issues.

Contribution to sustainable development

LED floodlights do not contain any polluting gases or heavy metals in their composition. This contributes to the preservation of the environment and facilitates the recycling of the material. In addition to cooperating with sustainable development, entities, both in the public and private sectors, can improve their image by promoting the use of LED lighting to preserve nature and contribute to recycling.

What are SX Lighting’s solutions?

SX Lighting is a company that offers LED lighting solutions, including projects equipped with this technology. It is an official partner of Phillips and is able to present products with superior quality compared to the market average, which guarantees all the benefits listed.

SX Lighting also provides lighting design projects to ensure that its partners acquire the appropriate equipment for their needs, comply with applicable legislation, and install projectors in the most efficient locations. To maximize your savings, this company also automates the lighting system, which makes it easier to control the lights and further reduce costs.

An industrial LED floodlight is the best technology to ensure the best lighting for a large indoor or outdoor area with lower costs. However, it is important that the person responsible for the choice opt for a competent, experienced, and reliable company.

Now that you are convinced that SX Lighting will provide you with the best lighting, click here and request assistance from our specialists.


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