Refletor de LED

LED floodlight: Learn everything about it!

Refletor de LED

LED floodlight: Learn everything about it!

If you are not already using an LED floodlight in your business, you can gain several benefits by implementing this technology. This is one of the main trends for various industrial, commercial, or service sectors, as it reduces costs and improves the lighting of the environment.

Read on to better understand what exactly an LED floodlight is, how it can save energy in practical applications, other information you need to know about the topic, and more!

What is an LED floodlight?

First, it is important to understand how the LED (Light Emitting Diode) technology works. This is a semiconductor electronic component that uses the same technology applied in computer chips to transform electrical energy into light.

The difference is that the light is produced in a solid state without the need for metal filaments, gas emission, ultraviolet rays, or any other type of reaction. The LED floodlight differs from the conventional one in that it aggregates the advantages of the LED, such as reducing energy costs, which can reach 85%.

This happens because in a conventional luminaire or floodlight, which is incandescent, for example, less than 10% of the energy is transformed into light, and the rest is lost in the form of heat. That is why traditional luminaires heat up a lot.

In the case of LED, heat generation is practically zero, which makes it capable of producing a large amount of light (in lumens) using less energy. For example, while an incandescent light needs 60W to produce a certain amount of lumens, the LED only needs 20W.

In locations that use several floodlights or luminaires and keep them on for a long time, this saving can be a great differential for business development. SX Lighting offers an online and easy-to-use calculator so that you know exactly how much you will save with LED.

What do I need to know about the LED floodlight?

In addition to the savings achieved, there is other relevant information we have brought in the following topics. Check it out.

Places where it can be applied

The LED floodlight is a very broad technology and can be used in any environment that needs a lot of lighting for several hours a day. Some examples of places where it is highly recommended to use it and the advantages of LED are:

  • Soccer fields: allows illuminating the entire environment without impairing the vision of players or spectators;
  • Condominiums: the ample lighting increases the security of the place with minimal light consumption;
  • Open parking lots: it is possible to maintain 24-hour lighting with low costs;
  • Industrial warehouse and industry: as they are usually large and require a lot of light, floodlights can generate significant cost savings;
  • Public lighting: it is a great option for professionals who need to minimize costs;
  • Sports courts: like the soccer field, it is also ideal for practicing sports in indoor environments;
  • Supermarkets: the LED floodlight will enable lighting the entire establishment and will not generate heat, which could damage some food or goods;
  • Among other segments.

Installation convenience

There is no secret to installing a high-power LED floodlight, just that those responsible take minimum precautions, such as using gloves, insulating tape, a test key, analyzing the location, among others.

This ease is provided by the fact that LED uses less energy to produce light, minimizing the possibility of electrical overload of points. This allows the infrastructure to be more economical and lean without the occurrence of problems such as power outages, burning of electronic equipment, etc.

LED lighting can also be easily controlled by electronic systems. With a specialized device, it will be possible to change color, temperature, and exercise other types of control through wireless communication. Among other benefits related to ease of use, are:

  • Low interference in the electrical network;
  • Ease of protection, as there is immunity to noise and voltage variations;
  • Attraction of fewer insects, as no infrared and ultraviolet rays are emitted;
  • Easy disposal, since LED does not have heavy metals;
  • Ease of automation.


The LED’s lifespan can easily exceed 50,000 hours and reach up to 100,000 hours, which minimizes the frequency of acquiring new floodlights or replacements. Therefore, LED lighting usually has an extensive warranty, such as 3 or 5 years.

There is also greater impact resistance, as it is not composed of metallic filaments or gas components, reducing labor costs for maintenance.

Other benefits

There are still many other advantages provided by LED lighting, such as:

  • Quality: unlike conventional reflectors that require converter lenses, LED can generate all colors of the visible and invisible spectrum;
  • Health: people exposed to technology for longer periods do not suffer skin damage, as there is no emission of ultraviolet rays;
  • Focus: LED light sources have a greater ability to direct lighting to desired areas; Sustainable development: due to the fact that it does not present polluting metals or toxic gases, there is greater contribution to environmental preservation.

Formats and powers found

A good company that develops and supplies high-power LED reflectors with different formats, powers, and luminous efficiencies. The first can range from 90W to 1,000W, while the second can vary from 140 lm/W to 170 lm/W, the higher the luminous efficiency, the lower the energy consumption, and the greater the reflector’s lighting capacity.

The ideal floodlight will depend on the segment of your business and where it will be placed. For example, an industry needs high-power floodlights for certain places, but will also need lower powers for logistics areas – such as a warehouse.

Ideally, a company should be chosen that provides floodlights of various types, so you can satisfy all the needs of each type of location in your business with one supplier.

This advantage is provided by SX Lighting, which offers a complete line of equipment that uses LED technology, including industrial reflectors, roadway/street and vapor tight luminaires, superprojectors, panels, and other products whose quality is superior to the average marketed in the market.

As if that were not enough, SX Lighting also offers solutions that allow you to manage each light point from a single computer, which is called telegestion. Another service is the automation of lighting activation, which can generate even more savings for your establishment (up to 85%)

SX also offers lighting projects so that you can choose the lighting equipment according to your needs. The study shows the calculation of energy efficiency so that you know exactly what gains will be achieved with the technology.

The LED floodlight brings a large number of advantages for businesses in different segments. But it is not just any company that will provide a quality product or guarantee savings, so it is important to hire an organization that offers lighting projects, telemanagement , and wide options of reflectors.

Do you want to know the entire line of LED floodlights from SX Lighting? Click here and access the product page.

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