Refletor LED para quadras esportivas como é feita a aplicação

LED Floodlight for Sports Courts: How is it applied?

Refletor LED para quadras esportivas como é feita a aplicação

LED Floodlight for Sports Courts: How is it applied?

Lighting is one of the main features of a good sports area. For users to be able to use the area at any time of the day, the LED reflector for sports courts is the most recommended.

It can be implemented in any model of court, whether it be clubs, condominiums, or used for rental. Often, these places are equipped with reflectors in inadequate places, which negatively impacts the usability of the sports area, causing many shadow points.

It is worth noting that LED lighting can be used in other areas, such as pools and fields, not just limited to courts. To understand more about how LED reflectors work, we had a chat with João Pedro Freire, commercial director of SX Lighting. Keep reading this article and find out!

Main particularities of the LED floodlight

“LED technology brings robustness, luminous quality both vertically and horizontally. This is so that we can identify, in fact, the players and the objects that are used in sports, meeting the requirements of the competition being executed,” says João Pedro Freire.

In the application of the LED floodlight in sports courts, for example, the gain in luminosity is clear. The lighting capacity is powerful, and often the lighting project ends up contemplating fewer reflectors, compared to traditional projects.

Another benefit generated by this technology is the reduction in occurrences of reflector burning, as well as in the frequency of replacement. Below, check out the main advantages of LED!

Greater durability

LED floodlights respond well to weather variations and can have a durability corresponding to 100,000 hours of use. Thus, they are also suitable for outdoor areas. This is the case for fields and courts that are not covered.

Cost reduction

Due to the smaller number of floodlights required to have harmonious and comfortable lighting, even for long durations, and the low power required in LED technology, there is a reduction in electricity costs. Thus, you enhance the capacity to use the sports area while improving cost management.

For example, in a project with LED floodlights used for 6 hours daily, over 25 days, the payback of the investment made for the adaptation is obtained, on average, after nine months. The energy saved annually can reach up to almost 90% of what was consumed previously.

Heat control

Exactly because it demands less power, compared to other forms of lighting, the LED floodlight emits less heat. With this, the environment becomes more comfortable for users, especially for players on the field. This contributes to the quality of the game, as it reduces a negative factor that can impact their performance.

Criteria when choosing lighting

When changing the lighting of your sports area or even implementing it for the first time, you need to project the cost-benefit. The biggest challenge for condominiums and clubs, for example, is to satisfy the expectations of the space users while achieving budgetary optimization.

Evaluate the initial investment value and project when the ROI (Return Over Investment) will be obtained, as well as the monthly savings generated. In addition, try to include in this account the average maintenance cost and the added value by customer satisfaction, which generates greater business opportunities.

Another point that should be highlighted is the choice of the supplier. You need to rely on a partner who is a reference in lighting, especially when implementing the LED floodlight for sports courts. A technical project that is adherent to the particularities of each area is necessary. In addition, relying on this expertise for preventive and corrective maintenance is essential to avoid unnecessary expenses.

Lighting standards for sports practice

According to João Pedro Freire, in Brazil, the standardization used was NBR 8837 from ABNT (Brazilian Association of Technical Standards). However, it has been discontinued and since then, no document has emerged to replace it. You may be wondering, what guidance should be followed, right?

In this sense, you can use, in general, the EN 12193:2008 standard (European Standard For Sports Lighting). In addition, there are specific regulations for each sport. It is necessary to pay attention to the technical recommendations of each competition modality to adapt to the court and meet the required levels.

Check out some of them:

FICA – Recommendations and technical requirements for Soccer Stadiums; FIA – International Tennis Federation (ATP, WTA and ITF Davis Cup); FINA – International Swimming Federation.

Development of a lighting project

Lighting projects are developed according to the sport to be practiced in the recreation area. It is impossible to define the number of floodlights needed before knowing the area, after all, the arrangement of external objects interferes with the luminosity of the location.

In addition, it is necessary to validate what the local structure is. “In the most common cases, fields and clubs in general, working with 25°C or 35°C is enough to achieve the ideal degree of illumination,” emphasizes João Pedro Freire.

It is certain that, with the application of LED lighting, the number of floodlights to be used is much lower compared to other types of technologies. According to João Pedro, in a project carried out by SX Lighting for a multi-sport court, it was possible to reduce the number of floodlights used by more than 60%.

From 112 vapor lamps, with recurrence of burning out, the court went to using 42 LED reflectors, making the area more pleasant and even the court’s appearance more harmonious.

Best LED lighting solutions

When implementing LED reflectors for sports courts, you need to ensure that the solution is effective and synonymous with quality, right? SX Lighting offers LED lighting solutions for multi-sport courts and gyms, in partnership with Philips.

We do the lighting project to help you choose the correct luminaire, as well as present the energy efficiency calculation. With SX products, you achieve savings in energy costs and can also count on support in customer service.

The customer is treated as a partner of the company and their success is also ours. Thus, our team is prepared to answer any questions and provide the necessary assistance regarding LED reflectors for sports courts and other related needs.

To learn more about SX Lighting solutions, please contact us! It will be a pleasure to assist you!”

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