refletor para quadras esportiva

Sports court floodlight: how to choose the right one!

refletor para quadras esportiva

Sports court reflector: how to choose the right one!

Sports courts require proper lighting that provides visibility to athletes. To achieve the ideal lighting for these environments, simply installing light fixtures without the help of specialized professionals is not enough. After all, there are regulatory standards to be followed, such as ABNT NBR 8995-1:2013.

If you are wondering about the importance of finding alternatives to favor sports practice on courts, improve athletes’ perception, and why it is necessary to pay attention to the appropriate materials for this purpose, do not miss this post. We will show you in detail how to choose a reflector for a sports court. So, happy reading!

Why look for alternatives to favor sports practice?

The search for options to improve court conditions and promote sports activities is essential for people who frequently visit these places. Athletes need places with good visibility, especially at night, since during these times most people are not working and have time to exercise.

The materials used for lighting make a difference, as natural light is not always available. Floodlights for sports courts are excellent alternatives to avoid glare and enable perfect visualization of the court boundaries, ball, and other athletes. Moreover, they provide visual comfort for both players and those watching the games.

The glare caused by inadequate lighting fixtures causes momentary blindness and impairs the performance of participants. Therefore, a lighting project is the ideal solution for these environments, which are increasingly sought after by players of all ages to combat the stress of everyday life.

How to choose a floodlight for a sports court?

There are several types of courts for sports practice, such as professional, semi-professional, and competition. In all of them, the brightness must be uniform and planned to meet the users’ needs. An energy efficiency calculation can be performed for futsal, tennis, volleyball, multipurpose or gymnasium courts.

Below are the main tips for choosing the ideal floodlight for sports courts!

Color temperature

LED floodlights are the most suitable because they meet the minimum color rendering index for these spaces. The perfect color temperature for courts is 6,500 Kelvin (K). The manufacturers of these devices include this information on their products, but it is necessary to verify if the index is maintained after a period of use.

In the market, two types of LED floodlights that emit white light can be found. Warm white light is below 3,000 K, and its luminous flux is yellowish, producing a feeling of relaxation. On the other hand, cool white light offers a greater sense of brightness, making athletes more alert and exceeding 6,000K.

Therefore, devices with white luminous flux are the best sellers for sports courts, due to their intensity and brightness. After all, warm white light reflectors are great for cozy places, indoor spaces, and commercial facades. But there are also reflectors with colored light (yellow, green, blue, and red) to highlight different areas and reinforce natural tones.


The power of LED floodlights ranges from 10 to 1,000 Watts. Choosing the appropriate model without technical knowledge is a real challenge. Professionals working in this sector can provide important instructions, but they need to know details about the court.

Devices with 10 Watts are used for smaller applications and effects in garden plants. The models with 50 Watts are very popular for larger gardens, trees, and condominiums. They replace traditional halogen floodlights, which had 400 to 500 Watts.

Parking lots and other larger locations require reflectors with 100 to 200 Watts of power to be well-lit. Devices with more than 300 Watts are used on poles.

Floodlights for sports courts usually range from 150W to 250W for recreational school courts, etc., and for professional courts they can reach 1500W or more if it is for televised sports, taking into consideration mainly the lighting project and the indication of the sports federation, such as FIFA, Conmebol, FINA, FIVB, FIBA, FPT and ATP, for example.


You will find several LED lighting manufacturers that offer reflectors for sports courts, including Philips, which is a well-known company throughout Brazil. They offer specifications that help when choosing products and also when installing them. When deciding to acquire the devices, avoid buying generics that do not have the same characteristics.

The quality standard for these products is IP66, which provides greater resistance to weather conditions, such as rain, wind, and humidity. Some generic devices indicate the level on the packaging; however, they are not as resistant as the originals. Therefore, look for reliable information and do not completely rely on information on labels.


Durability is specified in hours and can be distorted in informal floodlights. The best devices have a 5-year warranty and can last up to 10 years without causing problems or failures. You will find floodlights with a lifespan of 25,000, 30,000, 50,000, and 102,000 hours. Analyze the thickness of the connecting wire, the weight, and the resistance of the support.

Do not invest in low-cost products because their quality is questionable. After a few weeks of use, they may start to heat up and flicker without apparent reason. They are inefficient, do not offer adequate lighting for the courts, and consume more electricity than reflectors made by reliable companies.


LED floodlights are electronic devices that can be automatic or operate with a remote control. Technology is part of these devices that designers insert into their lighting projects. They can be installed with motion sensors, so they turn on whenever there is movement or human heat presence in the environments.

Thus, the LED floodlight generates energy savings and returns on investment in the medium and long term. Motion sensors are embedded and very interesting for detecting the passage of people in some places. Moreover, they can be used for location monitoring if installed with security cameras and surge protectors.

Consider all these tips to make informed decisions when choosing a floodlight to encourage sports practice. SX Lighting offers the best LED lighting solutions, with a specific line of reflectors for sports courts. Their specialized professionals create lighting projects and measure the savings that can be achieved with the application of floodlight.

Now that you are convinced that SX Lighting will provide you with the best sports lighting, click here and request assistance from our specialists

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