iluminação para estacionamento

Avoid mistakes in lighting for parking lots

iluminação para estacionamento

Learn how to avoid mistakes in parking lot lighting!

Lighting for parking lots is a key factor for people’s safety and to increase confidence and peace of mind. You may have already thought about it and be looking to find out what are the main essential precautions with the lights in these places. In this post, we will explain the importance of visibility and how it can influence the users’ experience.

Here, you will find the essential care that can make a parking lot very safe and well-lit, highlighting your competence in performing the job. In addition, you will find interesting tips about technologies that are useful, assist other employees in their routines, and facilitate the surveillance of these places.

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Understand the importance of parking lot lighting

Brightness is essential for parking lot users to have positive experiences in public or private establishments. Nobody feels safe in a dark place or with shadows that can harbor ill-intentioned people.

In recent years, there has been an increase in violence and crime, with an impact on these places, which have become targets of individuals who commit robberies and other crimes. Therefore, good lighting will increase visibility and reduce the insecurity of drivers and passengers of cars who use parking lots daily.

Given so many negative occurrences reported by the media frequently, it can be said that light protects the assets and the most precious possessions of human beings: physical integrity and life. Therefore, investing in lighting is the best decision that a dedicated professional can make.

Know the main precautions for parking lot lighting

In the current scenario, the precautions with parking lot lighting are more than necessary: they are essential for people’s protection. Consequently, entrepreneurs in the sector have invested in the development of innovative technologies and tools to assist in the management and organization of small, medium, and large parking lots.

Below, you will access several alternatives and obtain information on essential care with luminosity.

Use LED lighting (Light Emitting Diode)

This type of lighting reduces the consumption of electrical energy, is efficient, and follows governmental determinations. The luminaires are manufactured according to sustainability requirements to mitigate environmental pollution, so they can be collected and recycled since they are made with reusable material.

Reflectors with LED characteristics increase the power of lighting, focusing beams of light in determined directions. The devices have on their internal surface a covering of reflective structures, which prevent the equipment from absorbing part of the light.

With the installation of reflectors, a complete coverage with wide lighting of any area can be obtained, regardless of its extension. The internal batteries of some equipment allow the coupling of solar energy cells, dispensing the need for electrical energy.

Develop a lighting project

A lighting project will guarantee the uniformity in the brightness of the environment, meeting the technical specifications as well as legal requirements. Professionals specialized in its elaboration and implementation will maximize cost-benefit, including LED lighting systems to generate more savings for companies.

It is worth highlighting that the duration of the structures after their implementation is approximately 15 years. Thus, if you make a projection including the values that will be saved, you will discover that it is worth making the investment.

The quality of the lights resulting from a project is excellent, as it is the result of more in-depth analyses carried out by qualified technicians, which is why it cannot be compared to common lighting. Therefore, its benefits go far beyond cost reduction, considering the security provided by a specific study for each environment.

Utilize sensors to reduce costs.

If you’re interested in optimizing operations and minimizing parking expenses, an intelligent lighting system is the most recommended option. By adopting this option, more than half of the electricity expenses will be cut.

On the other hand, costs for replacing devices will be reduced, considering that the lifespan of LED lighting fixtures is longer compared to others. The presence sensors of the lighting fixtures are responsible for reducing the values of electricity bills.

They emit signals for the devices to operate only when movements are detected in the area. When there is no movement, the lighting fixtures reduce the level of brightness, directly impacting the amounts paid every month on electricity bills, as they are programmed for that.

Invest in remote control management.

Remote management of the system is another advantage of a well-designed project. Current technological innovations present integrated solutions for all sectors, including lighting management.

Long-range sensors allow for a transition between different zones in complex areas, quickly and efficiently, without the need for wires and with the possibility of remote control.

Evaluate shadow points.

Carefully observe your company’s parking lot at night and check for shadow points that hinder visibility. If they are present, don’t worry, as this is normal when there is no execution of a project that promotes lighting uniformity.

If you can’t locate shaded points due to irregular light distribution, check if the lighting is constant and sufficient. During nighttime, shadows become more visible and cause fear in users.

Some areas are not uniformly lit, with some areas having higher light incidence and others less illuminated. These differences generate unnecessary costs and do not promote user satisfaction, as they present dark environments, especially among parked cars.

Try to increase lighting efficiency to make the parking lot a place with fewer risks and more inviting. Ask for contrast level adjustment to minimize shading.

Pay attention to the sizing of the electrical network.

Avoid hiring amateur teams to install lighting fixtures, as they may not have adequate technical knowledge to evaluate the power of the currents passing through reflectors and the correct methods of protection against surges and electrical discharges. It’s not enough to invest only in powerful lamps if the model is not correct and if the connectors are installed incorrectly.

Professionals who will take care of these issues must know the wire diameter, check the need for installation of protection panels, grounding, among others.

Now that you know a little more about parking lighting, let’s talk about something even more relevant. It’s extremely important to choose good suppliers who offer cutting-edge technology and guarantee the devices offered to your customers. SX Lighting is the best option in the market, operating in the industry for over 10 years with excellence and a commitment to integrate sustainable and efficient solutions for lighting environments.

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