cálculo de iluminação Dialux

Get to know the best lighting calculation software and its features!

cálculo de iluminação Dialux

Meet DIALux, the best software for lighting calculation and its functionalities!

A lighting calculation software is indispensable for those who work with architecture, interior design, or just with lighting projects. With this resource, it is possible to present more accurate results when developing a project considering the standardizations and the options of lamps and luminaires from various suppliers.

Currently, the best lighting calculation software on the market is DIALux. In this article, João Pedro Freire, an engineer and commercial director of SX Lighting, and Kênya Stanco, an engineer at SX Lighting, tell us more about DIALux and its advantages. Enjoy the reading!

What is a lighting project software?

A lighting calculation software, that is, for lighting projects, is a program developed to perform the necessary brightness calculations. With it, it is possible to see what the best layout options are, lamps and luminaires, to meet your client’s expectations.

Through BIM (Building Information Modeling) technology, it is possible to develop the project in an integrated way. This feature allows the visualization of all its stages and interfaces. In this way, there is more quality in the generated information and, consequently, cost reduction.

Why is it important to use software?

One of the main challenges in lighting projects is to ensure that it is being executed in compliance with the main segment standardizations. By adopting lighting calculation software, this can be done simply and more accurately. Consequently, the chances of errors are almost nil.

In addition to the security in relation to the calculation, lighting software helps optimize the project execution time. Through automation, the plant design is done in a reduced time, compared to manual and other types of applications.

Another point that deserves attention is the generation of a report in just one click. The written document with project images can be presented to the client, making their understanding more natural.

What is DIALux and why is it the best option?

In the market, you will find several options of lighting calculation software. However, DIALux is the best choice for users.

Created by the German company DIAL in 1994, this application is widely used worldwide, mainly in Europe. In addition, it has partners that feed data: 126 companies in the segment, including Brazilians, have come together and paid for their luminaires to be included in the software. Philips is one of the companies present in this application, and it is also possible to include files from other luminaires when made available by the manufacturer, files called “ies curves”.

Currently, DIALux is maintained by an independent company responsible for updating the software. With this tool, it is possible to perform natural lighting calculation, as well as internal space and even public lighting. In addition, for those who want to learn more about working with the tool, they can take the available courses on the developer’s page.

Main features of DIALux

“It is an open tool that anyone can access at no cost,” explains João Pedro. Unlike others, you do not need to purchase a license to use DIALux.

However, this is not the main differential of this software. With DIALux, it is possible to meet the lighting levels required by ABNT 8995-1 standards, which deals with brightness in work environments, by NBR 5101, as well as the technical requirements of international federations.

One detail that should be highlighted is regarding the use of this software. Ideally, a trained professional should perform the project’s drawing. After all, there are many resources available in DIALux that can only be used by someone who knows the tool’s functionalities well. It is important to reinforce that the application only runs on Windows.

What are the different versions of DIALux?

You can find DIALux in two versions, and to download them, simply access the developer’s website. The available versions are DIALux 4, update 13, and DIALux evo 9. Both options offer configuration in more than 20 languages, including Portuguese. With it, lighting projects will certainly have impactful results.

“Currently, they have around 750,000 professional users worldwide,” highlights Kênya. This software is widely used by companies that are reference in the architectural and lighting segments. Below, see the main details of these versions.

DIALux 4.13

Launched in 2005, according to the developer, this version is most suitable for use in emergency lighting and sports area lighting projects. The tool complies with international standards such as EN12464 and ISO 8995.

DIALux evo 9

This is the version recommended by the developer and was created in 2012. DIALux evo undergoes constant updates: new products and technologies are included on the platform.

It is currently on update 9, which was released in 2019. The differential of this version is the report layout. Its design is more user-friendly, which favors customer understanding and helps to demonstrate the project’s effectiveness.

What are the advantages of using software?

Using software for lighting calculation brings several gains to your lighting project. You have already seen that it promotes agility, precision in results, and reduces operational costs. Below, you will see what the main advantages are when using DIALux evo.

Real-time dimming

After the calculation is done, this tool allows the user to test various visualization options. It is possible, for example, to regulate the intensity of monochromatic or polychromatic sources, in RGB and RGBW.

The user can view and photograph all scene alternatives. João Pedro explains that by implementing a simple automation system, you will be able to save money during the product’s lifespan. The cost of operating the location will be more attractive.


A differential feature is the ability to mark, at any time, that a certain object is transparent. In this way, its reflection, refraction, and transmission indices can be defined. In addition to this possibility, the user can also categorize an object with varnish or metallic finishes.

Automatic Definition of Luminaires

The automatic definition of the type of luminaire applied to the project is one of the standout features in DIALux evo. In this way, the user can choose lighting options for predefined spaces in the system.

As this configuration is aligned with ISO 8995, it perfectly meets national standardization. After all, ABNT 8995 brings the same definitions as the international standard.

At SX Lighting, we use DIALux to develop our clients’ projects. Through this lighting calculation software, we deliver integrated solutions for energy eco-efficiency to thousands of companies. With our team of experts and partners throughout the national territory, we can centralize the lighting project, facilitating management and allowing for its execution in less time.

With our lighting products and services, you will increase business productivity and improve your company’s performance. Contact us and

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